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Grassland Prezi

No description

Leonardo Mateus

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Grassland Prezi

Description Area Map Climate Plant and Animal Adaptations Animal Adaptations Grasslands in North America are known as Prairies, and in South America they are known as the Pampas. Eurasia has the Steppes, and in South Africa they are called Savanna and Veldt. References You Finished The Maze We hope you learned a lot about grasslands!!! By: Leonardo Mateus
Lucas Larocca Vast GRASSLANDS!!!
Many animals.
few trees that only grow next to rivers and streams.
most animals that live there are animals that eat plants.
there are some carnivores like cheetahs or lions. Grasslands are located every where but there is none in Antarctica. And most are located in Africa Receives very little rain
West of the Mississippi River Summers are warm and humid. Winters are cold but not that harsh.
Far west the summers are hot and winters very cold. Grasses are the main plant life in the grasslands
Few trees grow
Long narrow leaves of grasses keep them from losing water
Bison have flat teeth that help chew grass
Bison also have more than one stomach that helps digest tough fibers in grass Grasslands are home to large herds of grazing mammals such as the zebra and bison. 
Other animals are elephant, rhinoceros, ferret, hyena, giraffe, lion, ostrich, prairie dog, and the warthog. Zebras Extra Facts Grassland http://www.mbgnet.net/
http://www.thinkcentral.com/index.htm Cheetah Another type of grassland Bison Area Map Find your way through the maze and learn things about grasslands. Instructions A grassland When it is about to rain LIKE A BOSS!!! I'm the minotaur!!! The Maze of Science Video I'm Hercules !!!
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