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Copy of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rubrics

No description

Christopher Britton

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rubrics

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rubrics
Helping Students Understand Rubrics
As we discussed, rubrics have many benefits but they are also pretty abstract for some students. Students of all ages do not always fully understand how they are being graded or how a rubric works!

The solution: If they understand it, they can use it!
Why do they need an activity?
"Students in inclusive settings can more readily participate when they understand the expectations and grading process"
Self-evaluation skills can be generalized to all areas in all grades
In some preservice teacher education classes, instructors provide models of use by providing future teachers with rubrics for each assignment. The purpose is to guide the future teachers in developing and completing their own work.
Why a cookie?
It does not have to be a cookie! Depending on your grade level and the nutritional policy (we have health teachers in the room:) it can be adapted to fit your content and age level.
"Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rubrics: Helping students understand rubrics in Inclusive Settings"

Elizabeth Wikfors Hall
Susan J. Salmon

"Using an activity as an introduction to the process of developing rubrics allows students to develop necessary self-evaluation skills"

To do this activity it helps to start with something concrete and tangible.
The Key
Cookie Criteria Discussion
If you were to describe the world's best chocolate chip cookie, what would it taste like?
What would the world's best chocolate chip cookie smell like?
What would the world's best chocolate chip cookie look like?
What would the world's best chocolate chip cookie feel like?
Does the amount of chocolate chips in the cookie matter?
Karen and I have been eating Fig Newtons in our lunch every day all year and and we are sick of them. We have decided to move on to chocolate chip cookies. Last night I was at the grocery store and there are way too many brands of chocolate chip cookies. I had no idea which type was the best so I bought them all. Let's brainstorm qualities by which we can judge these cookies?
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