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Zentangle Project Art II for one page worksheet

No description

Christine Gerace

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of Zentangle Project Art II for one page worksheet

Art for everyone!
What is Zentangle?
Zentangle is an easy-to-learn,
, and fun way to create art by
drawing structured patterns
Zentangle is a form of
that can be a stress relief as well as being a cool art form!
Why start off the year with a Zentangle project?

Deliberate Focus and No Eraser
3. Deliberate Focus
As you make a pen stroke on your Zentangle, your eye follows your pen strokes, and you begin to search for
new ideas and directions
, for creative patterns to grow.

4. No Eraser
There is no eraser

in life
and there is no eraser in a Zentangle- your Zentangle is done in pen. However, in creating Zentangle art, you will discover that
can be foundations for new patterns and take you in
unexpected new directions.

5. Unknown Outcomes
Unlike much art, you start out not knowing what your Zentangle creation will look like at the end. You will not
create a rough draft,

so your creation is not restricted by your expectations. You will not draw with pencil first on your final project.

What has Zentangle been used for??
Art forms
Zentangle Theory
1) Anything is Possible One Stroke at a Time
At first glance, some patterns can seem
, but when you learn how they are made, you realize how simple some can be to create.

2) Deliberate Stroke
In Zentangle, you draw each stroke deliberately. We are always making "strokes" (
thoughts, words, actions
) in our lives. This is another reason that some say that life is an
art form
and everyone is an artist.
It increases
focus and creativity
and provides artistic satisfaction.
Anyone can use it to create beautiful images!
How can I Make this creation my own? How can I display my own style and personal taste to a zentangle?
What do I need to remember if I start to feel frustrated or overwhelmed during this project?
Why do you think Zentangles are seen as a stress reliever??
Zentangles will help you understand that if "mistakes" happen you can find
creative ways to fix them
without starting completely over. Over the course of this year, you will be presented with
that you will have to solve on your own- "mistakes" that you will have to mask.

Though not all mistakes can be fixed in some projects, the key to dealing with mistakes is to try and make your
mistake look intentional
by adapting the composition or direction of your drawing to work with your mistake.

This is very easy to do with Zentangle!
A Zentangle is simple to draw and easy to enjoy — even if you are convinced you are
not an artist.

6. No Predetermined Solution
With no predetermined correct answer, Zentangle offers both a
freedom and a challenge
. You
cannot fail

to create a Zentangle. Some of you may find this freedom might be a bit unnerving, but relax!
For this project you will first complete a practice worksheet to try out different patterns and designs. Sample Zentangles will be provided for you in the manilla folders on your tables.

Next, your profile picture will be taken by the teacher and projected so that you can trace your profile.

You will then begin your final draft of the project, drawing your designs and patterns inside your profile to fill the space. You will draw in pen only. You cannot draw with pencil on our final draft.

You will receive a check list to help you complete the project.
1) I have put my name and hour on the back.
2) I have broken the profile of my face into a variety of different shapes to fill in with different Zentangle patterns.
3) I have created at least 8 different Zentangle patterns within my profile outline.
4) I have asked for help when I don’t understand something within this lesson.

5) I understand how line, shape, and patterns are applied to this project.
6) I used all of my class time to work on this project and remained on task without disturbing others.
7) I gave my BEST effort and had patience throughout the entire project.


You will be drawing a animal composition or a nature compositionthat is enhanced with watercolors. Your project will require a little planning.

You will be creating a Zentangle that follows the rules of linear perspective. You must establish a vanishing point in your work and display basic spatial indicators.
Every mistake is a new opportunity!
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