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Master's Degree Portfolio Project

No description

Danielle Blette

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Master's Degree Portfolio Project

Within this portfolio, I have chosen four projects done throughout my master's degree program that exemplify the various ways that I have applied theoretical research to concrete practice in my classroom.
Selection 2
My second portfolio selection is a lesson and assessment plan that I wrote to supplement a section of my 6th grade geography class's textbook. It shows that I can recognize when theoretical ideas are being used and when they are not being used in materials I am given.
Selection 3
My third portfolio selection is a reflection essay written after going "out of my comfort zone" in a Beijing community. This selection highlights how affective understandings can be used to inform practical teaching practices.
Selection 1
My first portfolio selection is a literature review synthesizing information about peer-tutoring practices in English Language Learner (ELL) classrooms. It demonstrates my ability to use research in a purposeful way to inform my classroom practice.
By Danielle Habib
Master's Degree Portfolio Project
Selection 4
My final selection is a PowerPoint presentation about codeswitching and its applications in a second-language classroom. This assignment illustrates my commitment to using research to not only bolster my own practice but my school environment as well.
Issues in Education
Fragmentation, incoherence, and the apprenticeship of observation all contribute to teacher candidates who find difficulty in implementing research-based theories into their practical classrooms.
Writing teaching philosophies
Focused inquiry
Directed observation
Guided practice
Coherence between teaching instruction and practice
Self-directed learning
Collaborative learning
Lesson studies
What I Learned
While it is often difficult to connect theory and practice, it is a critical aspect to emphasize in any teacher training or development. Furthermore, constantly challenging our own assumptions about our profession is a key to success.
Future Applications
Moving forward in my career as an educator, I will continue to consistently research, reflect, self-evaluate, and collaborate with my colleagues so that I continue to grow and learn in my own practice.
In the Field
I am able to offer research- and experience-based expertise to my colleagues. Through discussion, collaboration, and professional development opportunities, I can help my fellow staff members grown in their own practices along with me.
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