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Basic Writing: Definition Essay

Basic Writing

Katie Friedman

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of Basic Writing: Definition Essay

Definitions spell out specifically precise meanings of terms that can be interpreted differently
Definition Essays
Definitions Answer:
• What exactly are we talking about?
• What exactly is it?
• What is its accepted meaning?
• What personal meanings does it suggest?
Dictionary Definition
Denotative Definitions
Specialized Terms
Unfamiliar Words
Words with more than one meaning
Overtones and suggestions of a word beyond the word's dictionary definition
Connotative Definitions
Expresses Personal and Special Meanings
Useful for defining words with multiple definitions, controversial topics, and abstract ideas
Used to define simple terms
Inserted within a sentence
Example:.... (definition)....
Complex Terms can be
defined in sentences
Term: name of the item to be defined

Class: what the item is

Distinguishing Features: features that differentiate the item from all others in the class
Sentence Definitions use the Following Pattern:
In-depth definitions that are a minimum of a paragraph
Typically Connotative Definitions
The choice between parenthetical, sentence, or expanded definition depends on the amount of information your readers need
Katie loves crepes, small, flat pancakes, especially when they are filled with chocolate.
The definition is surrounded by commas because it can be taken out of the sentence, and the sentence would still be grammatically correct.
Love is an emotion that comes in many forms, such as familial, romantic, and platonic love.
Distinguishing characteristics
Definition Sample Paragraph

The Nissan Cube is marketed towards the Millennial generation, who are young people between the ages of eighteen to thirty-five. The Millennials, also known as Generation-Y, are a highly self-confident generation that values frugality and self-expression. Millennials for the most part are highly educated, with many having Master's degrees or graduate levels of education. Millennials were raised by "helicopter parents," a term that denotes a very involved style of parenting. These same parents encouraged the boundless self-assurance that Millennials are known to have (McGrath). Millennials are known as the most multicultural generation in history, with more of them being born to parents of different races than any generation before. They came of age during the dawn of the revolutionary technological change brought about by the internet and are considered "digital natives."
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