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Milton Industries

No description

Angel Pham

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Milton Industries

Milton Industries

About Milton Industries
Milton Industries is a 100 + year automotive supplier involved in many aspects of automotive parts and equipment with over 1,800 employees in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our diverse knowledge and expertise have led this company to be a leader in the industry for all of the automotive manufacturers.
Steps to initiating a Drug-Testing Program
A comprehensive drug-free workforce approach includes six components:

Pre-Employment Drug Testing
Written Substance Abuse Policy
Supervisor Training
Employee Education and Training
Drug-testing Program
Employee Assistance Program
Methods of Drug Testing
Oral Fluids
Pro's & Con's of Drug Testing
What led us here
In the past year there had been multiple incidents involving injuries to our factory workers. The latest injury involved an employee losing his hand in a press operation in the factory. The subsequent investigation of the accident and an anonymous tip from a fellow employee stating they thought this employee was under the influence of drugs while working that day. It was then brought to the attention of the safety committee.
To fix the problem...
In order to prevent accidents from happening again, we the safety committe are recommending a drug-testing program outlining procedures to be followed for new employees, current employees, and any subsequent issues involving employees hurt on the job.
The Solution
• Instituting the policy
• educating employees
• training for supervisors
• A

By implementing this drug policy and having employees agree and consent to alcohol and or drug testing. We hope to be a leader in the industry as an accident/drug free workplace.
History of Milton Industries
Idea behind the company
Launching the new business
Branching off
Milton Industries today
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Guidelines to follow with Drug Testing
A written policy and list of procedures
must exist and copies given to all employees
Reason for testing must be clearly
outlined in the policy
Random testing is needed, the need
must be justified and legal
Care should be taken to assure that all
testing is uniform and impartial
for all employees
Collection, transportation and
analysis of specimens should meet
stringent legal, technical, and ethical requirements.
The testing process
be under
the direction of a licensed physician
The affected employee or applicant
MUST be advised of any positive
findings and be given the opportunity
for explanation and discussion prior
to reporting of results to the employer.
Any report to the employer should
provide only the information needed
for work placement purposes or as
required by government regulations
"All Roads Lead to Milton"
Increases safety
Reduce accidents and injuries
Identifies substance abusers
Individual can be sent to treatment programs
Individual may feel violated
Drug tests can be costly
Results can be inaccurate
Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company (n.d) How to start a workplace drug-testing program. Retrieved from: https://www.ceiwc.com/safety-university/starting-a-workplace-drug-testing-program/index.html
Should Workplace Drug Testing Be Allowed? (Elizabeth Hartney, PhD) http://addictions.about.com/od/dailylifewithaddiction/i/drugtesting_2.htm
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine ( Ethical Aspects of Drug Testing ) http://www.acoem.org/EthicalAspectsofDrugTesting.aspx
NOLO Law for ALL http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/workplace-drug-testing-michigan.html#
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