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House of Hades

No description

Trisha Perez

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of House of Hades

House of Hades

The crew of the Argo 2 (Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Coach Hedge) and Nico are sailing to Greece to get to the House of Hades but is sidetracked because of the numerous attacks on the ship caused by the Athena Parthenos.
Exposition P3
The Journey
Back on the Argo 2, Hazel shares what happened with Hecate to the whole crew and they change direction towards the mountains for the passageway. Leo gets a nightmare that night about Gaea and the clue as to who Hazel faces in the House of Hades.
Leo and the rest of the crew at the Argo 2 encounter small little dwarfs called Kerkopes who steal shiny stuff, including all their weapons and the Arichmedes sphere. Leo strategically gets their items back, but also bargains with the dwarfs for another item and for them to annoy Camp Jupiter long enough so they won't attack Camp Half Blood.
Revisiting Bob
The empousai finally gets Percy and Annabeth, but with Annabeth's bum ankle and her dagger missing from the fall, they are overpowered. But a Titan named Bob comes and turn thems all into dust. They follow Bob and they find a way to contact Camp Half Blood so Annabeth writes on a piece of napkin a message to Rachel Dare, the Oracle of the camp.

By: Trisha Perez
Events of the Mark of Athena has left Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus as the Argo 2 crew hopes to get to Greece (or the House of Hades) to close the Doors of Death so the monsters will stop regenerating quickly.
Hazel's horse, Arion, brings her to Hecate, who warns her about the challenges the House of Hades she will need to face on her own and the important task of learning how to control the Mist. She also shares that she will help Hazel on her journey to the Doors of Death by using a secret passageway through the mountains.
Percy and Annabeth have been falling for a long time, finally landing in Tartarus on a river called Cocytus which is made out of pure misery. As they get out of the river (thanks to Annabeth), they discover that everything in Tartarus is literally killing them (ex. the air, the terrain, EVERYTHING), so they make their way onto the river of fire named the Phlegethon to survive the weather of Tartarus. They encounter Arachne, the first spider, who is quickly defeated by Percy (GO PERSASSY), and they follow a group of Empousai to the Doors of Death.
Exposition P2
Stinky Cows and Transformation Frank
The Argo 2 crew arrive in Venice to meet a god who will help them in the House of Hades, Hazel, Frank, and Nico travel to the god but they intersect green stinky cows who blows a gas that can make you die, Hazel is affected and they meet the god, whose name is Triptolemus and is the only person to cure Hazel. But he turns Nico into a corn and refuses to help unless Frank finds him a python so that he can resume his duties as the god of Farming. Frank tries to get help from his father, Mars, but he won't help unless Frank proves himself worthy to him. Frank gets rid of all the cows (and gets the blessing of Mars that makes him taller and more, er, muscly...) in the city and Mars finally gives him the python. He returns to his friends, gives Triptolemus the python and in return he turns Nico back and cures Hazel, but also tells them a vital part that would help them survive the House of Hades.
The Pain Giving Arai
Percy and Annabeth follow Bob the Titan through Tartarus with Bob telling them about the things he has done ever since he met Percy. He leads them to a path where they meet small Bob, and the Arai, who curse Percy and Annabeth with past curses that the monsters inflicted on the two. They also cause Bob to mistrust Percy and he lets them get hurt, especially Annabeth, who gets hurt by the curse Calypso wished for her (*SOBBING*). Percy starts to fight back and kills a lot of Arai, but he gets poisoned by one of the curses (Why must you hurt me this way, Rick...)
Psst..Bob comes back and kills the Arai and heals the curses both Percy and Annabeth have but the poison shot cannot be cured so he takes them on another journey to a giant that will help Percy.
Controlling the Mist
The crew finds another bump in the journey but this time it's because of a giant turtle and a pirate bandit named Sciron. Hazel and Jason go and bargain with the bandit at the top of a cliff but he demands for the Athena Parthenos so he can leave them alone, they tell him that they need it to stop Gaea and he complies to leave them alone after they wash his feet. Hazel remembers that the bandit would kick off the victims when they got close to his feet. Hazel wills the mist to show Sciron kicking Jason off the cliff when actually Jason flys behind him and kicks him off the cliff instead.
Jason and the Diocletian Scepter
After their fight with Sciron, Jason gets a dream while plummeting to the water. His dream shows that Rachel Dare has gotten Annabeth's message and that Reyna, the praetor of Camp Jupiter, must travel through the ancient lands to get to the Argo 2 to get the Athena Parthenos so the two camps would be able to unite. An augur (A sort of prophecy speaker) named Octavian has doubts about the journey, insisting that it was just a bluff from the Greeks and that she wouldn't be able to find the ship in time. Reyna replies that she knows a place along the way where Jason will stop, Diocletian's Palace in Croatia. He wakes up in time by Piper's call, and he tells his friends about his dream, and head over to Croatia. When they arrive at Croatia, Nico Di Angelo (brother of Hazel) insists that he come with Jason, since he's the only one who can talk to spirits and he is the only one that will be able to get the scepter which is rumored to rise an army of dead legion soldiers. They meet an angel named Favonius in Diocletian's tomb where they leave a note for Reyna. Favonius says that to get the scepter, they must face the god of love, Eros (Cupid). Eros makes Nico reveal his darkest secret, that he has a crush on Percy and that the only reason he left Camp Half Blood is because he doesn't belong and he was jealous of Annabeth (MY POOR BABY). Eros smiles in satisfaction and hands them the scepter. They shadow travel back to the Argo 2.
Cupid and Nico
Percy and Annabeth Meet Damasen
Bob leads Percy and Annabeth to Damasen's hut after Damasen defeats a Meonian Drakon where Annabeth persuades him to cure Percy's poison and they have a proper meal. Annabeth asks if he could help Percy and her to get to the Doors of Death and if he would fight amongst them in the battle of Gaea and the giants. He declines, but Annabeth asks about the Death Mist that has to shroud her and Percy so they can pass safely through the monsters that were guarding the Doors of Death. He states that it is the best way to get there but that the person who guards it would not help them. Annabeth falls asleep and wakes up to Bob and Damasen conversing about the sun and the stars and how they haven't seen it for a long time. Bob, Small Bob, Percy, and Annabeth "pack up their things" when Percy is fully healed. Annabeth tries to persuade Damasen to go with them again, but he declines, stating that his curse is in his hut. He tells them to go but gives Annabeth a sword to protect herself when the Drakon regenerates again. The 4 of them head out towards to Akhlys, the protector and user of the Death Mist.
A Very Cold Reunion
After Jason and Nico arrive from the palace, they've experienced cold, icy winds, assuming that it was because of the scepter, when in fact, it was the goddess of Snow herself, Khione. She quickly freezes Frank, Hazel, Jason, and Nico, but sends Leo flying off somewhere in another direction. Piper tries to charmspeak Khione's brothers to letting her friends go, but Khione shouts at them to snap out of it. Piper is defenseless because she doesn't know how to use weapons but she thinks of Festus, the mast head who blows fire, and thinks of a way to get them to the engine room. Festus wakes up by Piper's charmspeak and distracts Khione long enough for Piper to plunge her dagger into Khione.
The Death Mist Protector
Bob, Small Bob, Percy, and Annabeth arrive at Akhlys' place, Akhlys on the ground and sobbing out of misery. Akhlys refuses to help them but Annabeth and Percy rile her up enough for her to take them to the place to place the Death Mist on them. Bob is not allowed to come where they're going so they are alone with Akhlys. She betrays them after she places the Death Mist on them. They manage to win because Percy controlled the tears of Akhlys that made her choke and she ran away after the pain became too much. Nyx, the goddess of night, appears after Akhlys ran away.
Percy's What If Meets Leo
After the events of Khione happened, Leo was sent to Calypso's island, Ogygia where she is boiling mad at the fact that they send her all these heroes that are great and then sends her Leo, the scrawny kid who she believes is sent to her from the Fates as a joke. Leo can't leave the island because the magical raft that usually comes after a hero lands doesn't arrive. He stays there for a few days, making a wooden raft out of the items they had on the island. Calypso helps him, but the magic raft comes when it seems like she's fallen in love with Leo. She pushes him into the raft after she kisses him (*muffled screaming*) and he promises on the River Styx to find a way back to Calypso to get her off the island.
The Battle With Nyx
After Nyx introduces herself and tells Percy and Annabeth she will kill them herself. Annabeth tells her that the brochure of Tartarus didn't highlight her after she realizes that she can't beat her with force and tries to trick her while Percy goes along with it. Nyx summons her children but Annabeth causes a commotion with the monsters by asking Nyx who was her favorite child. They jump into the abyss of where Nyx appeared and where the Mansion of the Night was when the monsters are all distracted. When they land, they close their eyes as they travel through the Mansion with Nyx and her children behind them. They arrive at the River Acheron which is called the River of Pain. They jump over it and they finally open their eyes. Nyx and her children stop at the River, wailing for Percy and Annabeth. They meet up with Bob and Small Bob again as they head towards the Doors of Death.
Leo Reunion
After the damages that Khione inflicted onto the Argo 2, they were welcome at the palace of The South Wind's god, Notus, and they were not allowed to leave until the god said so. Jason talks to Nico and Nico tells him that Percy and Annabeth are getting closer to the Doors of Death so they needed to leave soon. Jason finally demands to the god that they need to leave, he gives Jason two wind horses that were hard to control and the location of where Leo was. They leave the South Wind's palace and heads over to where Leo was. Nico, Jason, and Hazel see that the House of Hades is opening because of the black lightning that flashed through the sky, which meant that Gaea's forces would come into the mortal world soon.
Bob Reunites with Brothers
Percy, Annabeth, Bob and Small Bob arrive at the Doors of Death where the Titans Krios, Koios, Hyperion are at, and other kinds of monsters are in line for the elevator looking big metal doors that are the Doors of Death. The 4 of them move forward as Koios talks to Bob, not noticing Percy and Annabeth because they are shrouded in the Death Mist. Koios moves toward the front of the line, and the three Titans are fighting over who goes up first. They are about to fight, but Tartarus shows up and kills the three Titans that sends Percy back from the chains he was about to cut that held the doors down so it wouldn't be able to stay in Tartarus. as the Death Mist evaporates. and he smiles wickedly, promising that he'll end their lives.
The Separation at The House of Hades
The Argo 2 arrives at Greece where they scour the land for the House of Hades. They spot it in some old ruins and they leave Coach Hedge in the ship to fire their cannons for any enemies that were near the ruins. They go down a tunnel where they eat barley cakes that would stop the poison they needed to drink to get through the House of Hades. They get separated when a wall of rocks come down and monsters spill into the room. Leo and Hazel are headed to where the Doors of Death are in the House of Hades while Jason, Piper, Nico, and Frank are surrounded by monsters. The 4 try to fight off the monsters but they are overcome until Nico uses Diocletian's scepter to raise dead legionnaires. Jason tries to command them but he is more Greek than Roman so they don't listen. Frank tries it but only a few legionnaires listen since he has a low rank. Jason promotes Frank to praetor and Frank and the rest of them fight off the monsters while Frank gets the blessing of Mars..again. They go another way to reach the Doors of Death.
Argo 2
The Showdown
Hazel and Leo arrive at the room where the Doors of Death are when they are stopped by Pasiphae (pronounced Pacify) and Clytius, the giant who can snuff out any source of light. The Doors of Death up and down controls suddenly light up and Pasiphae mentions that it would be Percy and Annabeth and that the only way for them to not get to another place, a person on the House of Hades side needed to push the button. Pasiphae makes a maze that has the tricks and the twists Daedalus' labryinth had and puts Leo and Hazel in it. Hazel guides Leo through the maze, using the mist so that Pasiphae will see what she wants to see and not that they actually manage to get out of the maze. Hazel leads them through a tunnel that makes them drop on her head. She makes an imaginary trapdoor underneath Pasiphae's feet that was made from the Mist. The elevator dings and Clytius doesn't press the button but Leo pulls a screwdriver out of his tool belt and throws it at the button, making the doors open as Percy and Annabeth fall to the ground, unmoving and lifeless. Leo throws a flamethrower at Clytius as Clytius uses Percy and Annabeth to speak, slowly killing them by doing so. Clytius stops Leo's fire and engulfs him in a black smoke, Hazel is outnumbered but Hecate shows up and helps Leo, Percy, and Annabeth get out of the black smoke that Clytius wrapped around them. Hazel tries to cut the chains of the elevator but Clytius blocks her and she uses her powers to attack him with the jewels that was buried in the walls of the room. Hazel throws her sword and cuts the chains, but falls back onto the ground. Jason, Nico, Frank, and Piper appears into the room and attacks Clytius, Nico's sword drinking in the black smoke that Clytius emits while the rest of them attack Clytius, Hecate helping them as Clytius dies. Percy and Annabeth are finally awake and their friends embrace them. The room crumbles and Hazel and Nico shadow travel all of them up to the surface.
Percy and Jason
Nico and Hazel
Bob Says Hello
The Seven (and Nico) arrive to the surface where Coach Hedge, Reyna, and her dead pegasus Scipio are waiting. They consult in the Argo 2 and they decide that Reyna, along with Coach Hedge and Nico, are shadow traveling back to New York with the Athena Parthenos so that they can unite the camps. The three leave at sunset and Percy and Annabeth head onto the deck of the Argo 2, talking about the battle that was coming and Bob and Damasen. Percy looks up to the sky where thousands of stars are and says "Bob says Hello."
Goodbye Bob and Small Bob
Percy and Annabeth are frozen in shock because of the embodiment of Tartarus that is looming over them. Tartarus almost grabs Percy but Bob interferes and strikes him in the chest. Tartarus swats Bob back and he lands on the floor. He's suprised that Bob doesn't die while Small Bob turns into a big skeletal sabertooth and attacks his thigh. Percy and Annabeth runs towards the Doors of Death and Percy tells Annabeth to go in the elevator so he can hold the button. She refuses to leave him and they see Bob and Small Bob getting weaker by all of their attacks while Tartarus is still moving. Damasen arrives riding on the Maeonian Drakon and together they fight Tartarus. Bob and Small Bob limp over to Percy and Annabeth and he tells them to go in the Doors of Death while he holds the button. They head in after a few hugs and a promise to tell their children about Bob, Small Bob, and Damasen, and that they'll visit Bob when he regenarates. They hold the doors of the elevator because if it opens, it can send them to another place that's not in the House of Hades.
Prediction for Nico and Reyna's Journey
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