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APES Eco-bottle Final Project

AP Environmental Science Project

Philip Yoon

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of APES Eco-bottle Final Project

Our prediction occurred in the second bottle.
Our plant grew well as evidenced by the onion's trunk. It was gradually growing and we could observe its change easily.

Also, as had been expected, the egg shells and apple peels were gradually decomposed.

Lastly, our fish were alive about nine days.
we were actually supposed to fix the bottles on before the Winter break, but we could not be here due to snow.
APES Ecobottle Final Project
The purpose of this experiment was to observe different stages, interconnections and gradual changes of ecobottle. Moreover, by observing these stages, we can indirectly assume how the actual ecosystems are interacted.
Our prediction was our ecobottle would function well. Initially, We deemed that our plants would grow well, fruit peels and other remnants would be decomposed and lastly fish would survive.
Grown by Philip Yoon and Arlette Niragira
AP Environmental Science
Mr. Campbell
- Suite from The Devil Wears Prada (The Devil Wears Prada OST)-Theodore Shapiro
For the first ecobottle, we could notice that out bottle did not function very well due to a dearth of oxygen and nutrients. Hence, we decided to totally change the bottles and their components. If we had noticed the lack of oxygen and nutrients, we did not have to make a new one.

Moreover, if we connected the first layer and third layer in order to provide oxygen and water, the fish could be more likely to live and onion could grow well.

Lastly, there was a suggestion combining the onion and apple peels and egg shells into one bottle in lieu of two respective bottles in order to enhance the connection between the onion and fish's mutualism.
Dead fish, lack of water to terrestrial layer, accumulation of algae and some sprouts in decomposition layer.

We found our fish died and assumed the reason was a dearth of oxygen. Before fish died, the Oxygen PPH was 6 which implies there is no enough oxygen that can sustain fish.

In addition, plants were not growing well due to a dearth of water. We seriously thought about improvements.
Since we realized our ecobottle did not function very well, we decided to change its components.
And we discovered that the onion, which was originally in the decomposition layer, grew quite well despite a dearth of water. Hence, we decided to change its position.
Actually, we were supposed to change the layers and their components in order to enrich their interactions. However, due to the unexpected snow on Dec.20.Fri.13, we could not come to school and fix the bottle.

Consequently, the fish died due to a dearth of oxygen and were gradually decomposed. Also, despite a lack of water, the onion could grow well.
It was our last observation day,but we could not find any particular changes compared to the previous data (12/19/13).

The onion still grew well and the egg shells and apple peels' color changed. Moreover, the plants in aquatic layer generated oxygen as evidencded by some bubbles on the water.
Photosynthesis: In the fisrt layer containing an onion, we could observe the photosynthesis was occurring. By absorbing water, carbon dioxide and sunlight, the onion generated oxygen and glucose.
The water quality: The water quality was being turbid due to diverse factors such as decomposed fish, plants and algae in the bottle. Moreover. we could see fish's decomposition by their changed body color. Their body color was becoming white due to decomposers.
Communities: In light of ecological knowledge, our ecobottles can be deemed communities encompassing diverse factors. In addition, interactions between bottle enrich each bottle's components and sustainability.
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