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Gender & Sexuality

No description

Katya Salmi

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Gender & Sexuality

a sociological perspective that holds that our multiple group memberships affect our lives in ways that are distinct from single group memberships.

What is Gender?
Blurring the Lines
individuals whose gender identity matches his or her biological sex.

an individual possessing both male and female genitalia.

Gender & Sexuality
Week 9 - Intro to Sociology
Theoretical approaches
Functionalist Approach
Feminist Theories: centrality of gender in analyzing the social world
Sociology of sexuality
Diverse conceptions of human sexuality
The social construction of sexuality
Gender Inequality
the inequality between men and women in terms of wealth, income, and status.

Learning Outcomes (1)
Basic Concepts
Understand the ways that differences between women and men reflect biological factors, sociocultural influences, and the complex interplay between the two.

Sociological Theories of Gender Inequalities
Recognize and contrast competing explanations for gender inequality.
Learn some feminist theories about gender equality.
Learning Outcomes (2)
Basic Concepts
Understand how social, cultural, and historical contexts shape attitudes toward sexual behavior.

Theories and Historical Approaches to Understanding Sexuality
Learn about theoretical perspectives and approaches to studying sexuality throughout history.
There is an important distinction between sex and gender
is the biological and anatomical differences distinguishing females from males.
Gender refers to
social expectations
about behavior regarded as appropriate for the members of each sex.
Gender Role Socialization

the learning of gender roles through social factors such as schooling, the media, and family.
Social Construction of Gender
different approach to theorists of gender socialization
reject all biological bases for gender differences
argue that both
are socially constructed
"Doing gender"
= the learning of gender roles through socialization and interaction with others.
Gendered Inequalities
- Gendered Inequalities in Education: Unequal Treatment in the Classroom
- college majors
- workplace
- occupational segregation
- wage gap
- gender typing
- glass ceiling
- sexual harassment
- politics
- violence in society
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