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Rebels Handbook

No description

Jhon Bradly

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Rebels Handbook

Step 1:
Find people who are rebeling against the same thing. They should believe and want the same thing as you. D Rebel's Handbook By Jon and Win Step 2:
Elect or find a leader that is willing to die. Step 3:
Create an oranization
Step 4:
Find something to represent your organization. Step 5:
Tell people what you want and why. Step 6:
Get support from other countries by spreading awarness.
Step 7:
Ally or recruit people who have power and a lot of influence on others. Suggestion:
Do not give up Step 8:
Include every one in your change. The ANC was a group of people who believed in the same thing. Everyone in the ANC wanted equal rights.The ANC allied with the white comunist party Some one who was a good leader and was willing to die for what he wanted was Nelson Mandela. Here is the quote that he said "But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." The ANC was created in 1912 by the black South Africans to fight for equal rights with the white South Africans. The ANC also formed a military wing called the MK. The ANC saw the need for a clear statement on the future of South Africa. The idea of a Freedom Charter was born. It was a document where the whole of South Africa was to record their demands. For example the UN found out what was happening in South Africa and they supported the ANC by putingt pressure on the government with sanctions and sports boycots. Bishop Tutu was the first black dean in the Anglican Church. He had a lot of power and spoke out against the aparthied. White people listened to him becuase he had alot of influence. He reminded the government that other dictators like Hitler had not succeeded. After Nelson Mandela was elected presedent he inculded the whites in the change. his body gaurds were black and white.His secertary was a white woman. By doing this it made other whites feel more secure knowing that Nelson Mandela was not trying to throw them out. Sometimes change can take along time. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years but he never gave up.
The ANC created a strong identity. They formed the symbol to let others know when something was organized by them. It shows the government that they organized.
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