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Robin Peterson

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of ITALY

Five Themes of Geography
Languages, Religions and Ethnicities
Total Population: 61.48 million
Crude Birth Rate (CBR): 9
Crude Death Rate (CDR): 10
Infant Mortality Rate (IMR): 3
Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 1.4
Gross National Income (GNI): $32,280
Natural Increase Rate (NIR): -0.1%
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Fun Facts
Lamborghini, an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer
Many activities are popular in Italy including skiing, diving, and even ballooning
The Italian flag was inspired by the French flag
Large percentages of Italians own homes that are brick covered with white colored plaster and a Mediterranean roof.
Houses are usually built on hills.
Italians take their time when preparing food. They usually eat pasta, fish, or meat and veggies at each meal.
Italians invented opera, musical notation, and the piano.
Home of many famous painters

95% of Italy are ethnic Italians
Ethnic minorities include German, French, Slovenes, and Austrians
Social status is very important to Italians
Demographic Transition
Italy is said to be in Stage 4 of the DTM because the birth rate is lower than it's death rates

Italy is an MDC because when comparing it to Madagascar, it is less developed according to the data above. Specifically, Madagascar's IMR and CBR are significantly more than Italy.

Human Environment Interaction
Italy is slightly larger than Arizona
Long peninsula on the Mediterranean
One of the largest active volcanoes is in Sicily
Two sets of large mountain ranges- Alps and Apennines

President: Giorgio Napolilano
Prime Minister: Matteo Renzi
President is head of state and is elected by the electoral college for a seven year term
Prime minister is appointed by the president and then approved by parliament
constitution protects freedom of speech, assembly, press and religion
Italy is made of mostly Italian Roman Catholic who speak Italian
Latitude- 41.54 degrees
Longitude- 12.29 degrees
South of Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, and France

Major Language(s): Italian (small clusters of German, French, and Slovene)
Lingua Franca: Italian
Dialect(s): Florentine, Roman & Sicilian
Dying or Extinct Language(s): Ladin
Major Religion in Italy: Roman Catholic
Beliefs: -Church is widely respected
-Large social and political influence
Sacred Spaces: Vatican City- headquarters of Roman Catholic pope
Religious Conflict: Italy has freedom of religion
24.2% arable land
The Po River is the main source of irrigation for agriculture in Italy
poachers in Italy are taking wildlife from national parks and killing them
people are dumping trash, some even toxic, in Naples
earthquakes are common and destroy many things
Photos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_1968
Italy is divided into twenty regions (Veneto, Lombardy, Sicily)
Each of the twenty region has it's own flag, like every state
Some parts of Italy are very prone to rain and others have almost no rain
Italy is in the Macrocultural region of Western Europe
There has been a large influx of immigrants in the last two decades
Italy began immigration to America
Italians are pretty spread out but most live in the larger cities like Rome or Naples.
Products such as stone for buildings are shipped through water or truck
Italy is known for producing wine, cheese, footwear, and stones for building houses
People travel by train, car and boat
40 newspapers are printed, they also use radio, magazines and television
Soccer is a big part of pop culture in Italy. Their team has won multiple world cups.
Radiotelevisione Italiana or RAI which is the biggest television Italian station
Laura Pausini, Giorgia Todrani, & Tizziano Ferro are Italian pop music artists

Total Population: 22,202
Crude Birth Rate: 33.58
Crude Death Rate: 7.1
Infant Mortality Rate: 47.4
Total Fertility Rate: 4.36
Gross National Income: $1,350
Natural Increase Rate: 2.7%

Green: the plains & hills/hope
White: Alps covered in snow/faith
Red: blood from Wars of Independence/charity
EQ: What do people do for folk and popular leisure activities?
EQ: Where languages are distributed?
EQ: Where are religions distributed?

By: Robin Peterson
EQ:Why do ethnicities have distinctive distributions?
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