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No description

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Kahoot

Teachers have you ever taught a lesson, and your students weren't paying attention?!
How to use Kahoot?

Sign in
Go to public
Type in a subject
Look for a quiz, discussion, or survey your teacher assigned you
Click play
Use a iPhone, iPad, or laptop
Enter game pin
Wait to be assigned a player
Take quiz, survey, or answer a discussion question
Receive final score
Still not hooked on Kahoot? See these students reactions while playing Kahoot in class!
Have you had tests on your lectures, and the grades weren't what you expected?

How about getting your students more involved by using Kahoot?!

Blended learning
Students are active
Interacts with others
Different ways to take quizzes, answer discussion questions, and complete a survey
Wide range of technology
What is Kahoot?
Kahoot is a free, easy, and safe website that allows students to get involved in a computer based assessment.
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