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Sandy's 4th Grade Evolution

No description


on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Sandy's 4th Grade Evolution

One thing I learned learned in math is division. I mostly use long division. In literacy, I learned about different uses for commas.
What I learned/ improved on in 4th grade
The thing I am most proud of in all of 4th Grade is my GT project because all of the hard work I put in turned out very well.
Work I am proud of in 4th Grade
One thing I will work on over the summer in math is G.4 simplify expressions using order of operations and parentheses on IXL because it frustrated me and now I want to finish it. One thing I will work on in literacy is practicing reading using the Book it to the Creek program.
What I will work on over the summer
My favorite part of math class is math buddies because I really like working with little kids. My favorite part of literacy is read aloud, because all of the books we read are very good books that I would recommend to anybody. Especially the One and Only Ivan
My favorite part of 4th grade classes
Sandy's 4th grade evolution
How I have Grown in 4th Grade
A way I have grown in 4th Grade math is I am able to multiply and divide larger problems using strategies I learned in math. A way I have grown in reading is I am reading harder books like: The Grapes of Wrath, The Old Man and The Sea, and 1984.
Book Club

My book club books were
1. Tales of a 4th Grade nothing
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