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Learn about the similarities and differences of the SAT and ACT

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Transcript of ACT vs. SAT

The Math section includes:

54 questions total: 44 multiple choice and 10 grid-in questions
70 minutes total, broken into 3 sections: two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section
Coverage of basic Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra I and II
The Critical Reading section includes:

67 questions total: 48 multiple choice and 19 sentence completion questions
70 minutes total, broken into 3 sections: two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section
Emphasis on vocabulary
The Writing section includes:

49 multiple choice questions total, plus an essay component
60 minutes total, broken into 3 sections: one 25-minute section, one 10-minute section, and one 25-minute essay
Test Day Checklist

Admission ticket
At least two #2 pencils
An approved calculator
A state-issued picture ID
A bottle of water and a snack
The ACT and SAT are both standardized tests used for admission into colleges and universities in the US.
The ACT is an achievement test. It is designed to measure what a student has learned in school.
Designed to measure aptitude through critical reasoning.
Why else do they matter?

mostly multiple choice
more difficult as the test progresses
focus on vocabulary
penalties for incorrect answers (1/4 point)
do not answer questions you do not know
Do you know your SAT & ACT?
A rectangle with a perimeter of 30 centimeters is twice as long as it is wide. What is the area of the rectangle in square centimeters?
A. 15
B. 50
C. 200
D. 30
E. 100

You cannot see any of this. But Dr. Harry Chugani
can come close. With positron-emission tomography
PET), Chugani, a pediatric neurobiologist, watches the
regions of a baby’s brain turn on, one after another, like
city neighborhoods having their electricity restored
after a blackout. He can measure activity in the primi-
tive brain stem and sensory cortex from the moment the baby is born. He can observe the visual cortex burn
with activity in the second and third months of life. He
can see the frontal cortex light up at 6 to 8 months. He
can see, in other words, that the brain of a baby is still
forming long after the child has left the womb—not
merely growing bigger, but forming the microscopic
connections responsible for feeling, learning and
Alice Walker's prize-winning novel exemplifies the strength of first-person narratives; the protagonist tells her own story so effectively that any additional commentary would be ___________.
A.) subjective
B.) eloquent
C.) superfluous
D.) incontrovertible
E.) impervious
He was-------businessman, but in his personal life he was kind, thoughtful, and ----.
A. a competent...self-centered
B. an avaricious...menacing
C. a scrupulous...tactful
D. a ruthless...magnanimous
E. an amiable...compassionate
Congrats on Knowing your
SAT and ACT!!
Remember, you can always get more help from the NACRC!

If k is divisible by 2, 3, and 15, which of the following is also divisible by these numbers?
English Test
75 questions, 45 minutes
(punctuation,grammar and usage, sentence structure)
-rhetorical skills:

Benchmark: 18
Mathematics Test
60 questions, 60 minutes
-elementary algebra
-intermediate algebra
-coordinate geometry
-plane geometry

Benchmark: 22
Reading Test
40 questions, 35 minutes
-arts and literature :
(prose fiction,humanities)
-social studies and sciences:
(social studies, natural sciences)

Benchmark: 22
Science Test
40 questions, 35 minutes
-data representation
-research summaries
-conflicting viewpoints

Benchmark: 23
Writing Test
1 writing prompt, 40 minutes
Test Structure and Format
all multiple choice
difficulty remains the same throughout the test
focus on punctuation and grammar
focus on pre-algebra and plane geometry
ACT questions tend to be straightforward
answer all questions!
Test Style
Score range: 1 to 36
Average 17-23
1. ACT counts the number of questions on each test that you answered correctly. (no penalties for incorrect answers)
2. ACT converts your "raw score" to "scale scores." Scale scores have the same meaning for all the different forms of the ACT, no matter which date a test was taken.
3. The four test scores are averaged (anything .5 and above rounds up) to come up with your COMPOSITE score.
Ms. Griffen is making bags of Halloween treats. If she puts 3 treats in each bag, she will make 30 bags of treats and have no treats left over. If instead she puts 5 treats in each bag, how many bags of treats can she make?
18 bags of treats
reason and

dashed toward the

border and
No error



ACT (no writing) $39.50
ACT (plus writing) $56.50
You can send your report to 4 schools for free BEFORE test day. After that it is $12 per report.
$16-$26.00 for subject tests
4 free score reports sent to colleges
additional cost $11.25
Test Day
8am check in
Dos and don't's -only have calculator and pencils (NOTHING ELSE)
Test preliminaries
Taking the tests
Special Situations
What are the ACT and SAT?
Length: 3 hours, 35 minutes
Structure: 4 sections (English, Math, Reading, Science) plus an optional Writing test
Test Structure and Format
Length: 3 hours, 45 minutes
Structure: 10 sections (3 critical reading, 3 math, 3 writing, and 1 experimental, which is underscored)
Score Range:600-2400
Average: 1500
Score of 0-12 for the Essay
1/4 point subtracted from your raw score for each wrong answer (except for Grid-Ins)
Test Style
Preparing for the exam
take the tests once to see how you will do
pay attention to your scores
study: focus on your strengths or weaknesses
Register for the tests
Create a Study Plan
Which test will you take?

How many times will you take it?
What score are you aiming for?
When will you take it?
Whether its bright and jaunty or haunting and
melancholic, the music of the Andes highlands has a
mellow sound unique in the musical world. The
instrument responsible for this sound is the antara, or
Andean panpipe, known for the hollow-sounding,
breathy notes it creates. The antara has its origins in
the Incan civilization, once the more richer and more
powerful empire in South America.
ACT English
A. No Change
B. they're
C. it's
D. its'
A. No Change
B. one of the richest and most
C. the richest and most
D. the richer and more
ACT Math
ACT Reading
According to the passage, one thing PET allows neurobiologists to do is:

A. observe activity in the frontal cortex of a baby’s brain.
B. determine the number of genes involved in the formation of a baby’s brain.
C. control the release of neurotransmitters in a baby’s auditory cortex.
D. restore microscopic connections in a baby’s brain.
When she compares a baby’s brain to city neighborhoods, the author is most nearly illustrating her point that:

F. neurotransmitters are actually brain chemicals.
G. regions of the brain are awakened through experience.
H. the visual cortex allows a baby to recognize specific images.
J. a baby’s brain has about 1,000 trillion synapses.
ACT Science
Given the diagram showing identical levels of gas molecules in different containers, a reasonable inference could be made that there is a relationship between:

A. temperature and pressure
B. volume and pressure
C. temperature and density
D. volume and temperature

The relationship between the variables in this diagram is best described as what type of relationship?

A. direct
B. proportional
C. inverse
D. exponential
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Critical Reading
"The rock was still wet. The
animal was glistening, like it was
still swimming," recalls Hou
Xianguang. Hou discovered the
unusual fossil while surveying rocks as a paleontology graduate student in 1984, near the Chinese town of Chengjiang. "My teachers always
talked about the Burgess Shale
animals. It looked like one of them. My hands began to shake." Hou had indeed found a Naraoia like those from Canada. However, Hou's animal was 15 million years older than its Canadian relatives.
In line 5, "surveying" most nearly means

(A) calculating the value of
(B) examining comprehensively
(C) determining the boundaries of
(D) polling randomly
(E) conducting a statistical study of
SAT Math
(A) k + 5
(B) k + 15
(C) k + 20
(D) k + 30
(E) k + 45

SAT Math (Grid In Response)
SAT Writing
SAT Writing
One of the most common types of mistakes that inexperienced physicians make is misreading symptoms, another that occurs about as frequently is recommending inappropriate treatment.
(A) symptoms, another that occurs
(B) symptoms; another one that occurs
(C) symptoms, the other, and it occurs
(D) symptoms; another one which is occurring
(E) symptoms and also occurring
SAT (no writing) $43
SAT (plus writing) $54.50
4. The essay portion will be graded on 4 areas; ideas and analysis, development and support, organization, language/use and conventions. From here they give a raw score which is then converted into the scale score.
Sign up now!
Register online at www.act.org
Make sure to register a month in advance to avoid late fees!
Next test date for juniors:

June 11th
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