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Copy of Rustico and Alibech

No description

Kimberly Sison

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Rustico and Alibech

( 1313 - 1375 )
Giovanni Boccacio was among the founder of Renaissance

An author of a number of notable works including the
Decameron, On Famous Women,
and his poetry in the Italian vernacular.

Boccaccio is particularly notable for his realistic dialogue
Giovanni Boccaccio
Literary Devices
When Rustico and Alibech threw off their clothes and Rustico told Alibech that to serve God, Alibech must put the devil back in hell

Rustico, as a monk, should've acted right and he should've not took advantage of Alibech's innocence

One day the ladies asked her how she had serve god in the desert. She replied that her service was to put the devil in hell, and that Neerbale has committed a great sin by taking her away from such service, The ladies asked “and how do you put the devil in hell”. Partly in words and partly by
gestures Alibech told them.
Alibech - Protagonist
- 14 year old innocent girl who seeks ways to serve God
Rustico - Antagonist
- A young hermit, a very devout and good man
Neerbale - Flat Character
-a young man that found alibech and married her
Decameron ( III, 10 )
Rustico and Alibech

City of Capsa in Barbary
Cell of Rustico

Sexual Desire



When Alibech, having urged by mere childish enthusiasm and not by well ordered desire, secretly set out to serve God
Rising Action

When Rustico accepted her in his cell to test his spiritual strength and he found out that he over estimated his power of resistance against the beauty of Alibech


When Rustico taught Alibech that to serve God, the devil need to be put back in hell


Falling Action

When Rustico felt chilly and there's an excess desire in Alibech's hell than Rustico's devil


When Neerbale took Alibech away, against her will but to Rustico's great relief, to marry her
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