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No description

Patrycja Szlegel

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of AQUARIUS

Think so highly that it is possible to present the determinants of Companies Aquaris.
Since, in the case presented Aquaris company are listed all the aspects which are used in the construction of the matrix. As well as meets the basic conditions to form a matrix.
It has a matrix product and matrix functional. In the current situation, the company may use a matrix, for example it is suited Complex Decisions and unstable environment.
According to my opinion, these elements can be characterized as:
Patrycja, Eryka Szlegel
Erasmus student.
Proposition of new organizational structure for the company Aquarius.
Advertising Agency
Main Ideas
and the company problems that should be solved.
Creativity and art. That's all I hear around here. It is hard as hell to effectively manage six or seven hotshots who claim they have to do their own thing. Each of them tries to sell his or her idea to the client, and most of the time I don't know what has happened until a week later Ill were a despot, I would make all of them check with me first to get approval. Things would sure change around here. The need for reorganization was made more acute by changes in the environment. Within a short period of time, there was a rapid turnover in the major accounts handled by the agency. It was typical for advertising agencies to gain or lose clients quickly, often with no advance warning as consumer behaviour and lifestyle changes emerged and product innovations occurred. An agency reorganization was one solution proposed by top management to increase flexibility in this unpredictable environment. The reorganization would be aimed at reducing the agency's response time to environmental changes and at increasing cooperation and communication among specialists from different departments. The top managers are not sure what type of reorganization is appropriate. They would like your help analyzing their context and current structure and welcome your advice on proposing a new structure.
Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables.How would you describe the:
for Aquarius?
Desing a new organization structure that takes into consideration the contextual variables in the case the information flows.
Would a matrix structure be feasible fot Aquarius? why or why not
highly variable, unstable, constantly emerging innovations, variable customer demand, constantly evolving technology and promotion tools.
The environment
to create optimal agreement with the environment.
adapt to new trends and customer needs. improving information channels among the cells within your company.
create a plan for effective competition with competitors. maintaining customer and persuade him to use the services again.
The way to stand out from the competition, it may be introduction of a new quality of communication with customers using new technologies such as android application which will be a pre-order form or schedule meetings with specialists.
This will significantly differentiate themselves from the competition and create an easier way communication between the client and the contractor.
Blind and uncontrolled competition in any way, has led to many failures.
The lack of effective information channels cause many irregularities.
Lack of teamwork, focus on achieving the objectives of the individual rather than the group, causing a lot of conflicts.
Poor motivation and morale of employees in the name of the company as a whole.
in the current situation should be reduce some of the ministries, and create new f.g. such as Technology and Innovation department.
At the moment larger organizational structures is impossible, but probably the gradual completion will be possible after the reorganization.
should create a new, the separate department that dealt seeking and use, implementation of new innovations, technologies and trends to offer the company.
Currently, the company does not meet the all the expectations of customers who are forced to go to competitors.
It should also implement a new technological system that allows to improve communication within the company.

Board of Directors
Executive Vice President
Policy Committee
Legal Counsel
Financial Manager
Human Resources
The General Manager
Accounts Manager
account executive
account executive
account executive
Operations Manager
Marketing Manager
Newspapers/ Magazine Production Department
TV/Radio/ Internet Production Department
Copy Department
Art Department
Research Department
Media Department
Merchandising Department
Technology and Innovation department
Aquarius and matrix structure:
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