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Karl Marx Vs. Thomas Malthus

Socialism Vs. Capitalism

Rebecca Cameron

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Karl Marx Vs. Thomas Malthus

Karl Marx Extreme Socialist Community or State should own property and be in charge of production Progress results when a community of producers cooperate for the good of all. Employers take advantage of workers. It's up to the state to protect them!!! New system is necessary to share the wealth
equally. To not do this is unfair. Everyone's needs should be taken into consideration. Thomas Malthus Capitalist These men would not be friends. Malthus believes that individuals and
business should be in charge of production and own property. The Government should not interfere. Progress happens when individuals follow self-interest. Businesses follow self-interest by
competing for the consumers money. Yeah. I guess thats important. Businesses try to produce the better product to lure
the customers in. Consumers also rush towards the cheapest goods. Sound familiar? This shapes business and what they can sell. Competition makes effciency. That's important. They're ideas, so accurate, but so different. This really gets you to think about how this formed our society. Karl Marx Thomas Malthus
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