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Waste Management

No description

Bailey McCarthy

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Waste Management

Recycling Center Community
Meeting Waste Management Elsa Burnside
Holly Shafer
Marie Mar Eclar
Bailey McCarthy Attention : Waste thrown in landfills lowering !

Solid Waste thrown in landfills are lowering
the all time high of 42,000 (In tons)

The numbers are believed to decrease to a lower number over the few years ahead. ALERT NEW EMAIL
Subject: Recycling Center

Did you know that your community has it's very own recycling center? Help out your world any recycle you bottles, cans, and many other products. Whatever you can do to save this Earth is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

- -Waste Management Organization Community recycling bin Need to Do Talk to store managers

Talk to County Board

Arrange meeting to talk to the president
of the Board Community Meeting Brainstorming www.effectsofpoorwastemanagement.com Solid Waste Disposal Waste Management Municipal solid Waste
How is it transferred
How is it collected
How is it transferred into energy The Ways we could change our community wasteful habits:
Make our recycling center known to all

Encourage stores to buy recyclable
and Earth friendly products

Hold a community meeting and
express why waste management
is important to our environment and
what the consequences would be if it were not taken seriously Community
Meeting Where
Time Speakers
Slide Show
Sponsors Spread the word about the RECYCLING CENTER
Through: Facebook, Email, Flyers, Pamphlets, Social Medias, Newspaper, Magazines, and any other ways we think of....... Get Stores on board with our ideas

Stores Interested:
Stater Bros
Sam's Club
Kohls Have people at the stores who will hand out flyers and speak to people about the importance of waste manangement to our community and to the world. New Text Message Community Meeting tonight.
Everyone is invited so come as you
are. Information you need to know
about your waste and how it is being
managed. Hosted by the County Board
and Waste Management Organization. Hope
to see you and your family there. Thanks
for all your support. make a game plan
organize food and drink
get speakers
set up surround sound
get community service hours sheets for volunteers
pick a date for the meeting Make Flyers and Posters

Send out invites through the
mail, email, Facebook, and
other social medias

Go out to all the
stores Talk to the President of
the Board about new
ideas Ways to Help Incineration is a common method used for getting rid of garbage. Little does everyone know, the burning of the waste releases harmful gasses into the everyday air we breathe.

Without Waste Management, our cities and towns would be a dump. Papers would be flying threw the air, food scattered around the streets, and garbage surrounding everything. Go help clean the beach Volunteer to pick up garbage Put in a central location, such as the post office, local school, or any other well known place in town. have local businesses advertise it. Start a comunitywide cleaning day have a recycleables drive, and use the trash to build art for your school. Solid Waste is a huge problem in urban areas. Try to find ways to create an eco-friendly and efficent ways to process waste so that if can be recycled. Also a faster and safer way for solid waste to be transferred. the Average American produces around four pounds of waste a day. We need to cut down on this and recycle everything that can be to save our planet. The faster we do this the better we are off as a community and as a world as one. Works Cited Dengue Outbreak. 13 May. 2013. Reliefweb. 02 June 2012. Web. <http://reliefweb.int/report/solomon-islands/dengue-outbreak-highlights-poor-waste-management>.

DTSC. 9 June 2010. California Department of Toxic Substance Control. 16 May 2013. Web. <http://www.dtsc.ca.gov/>.

Poor waste management. 7 April 2012. ProductPolicy. 3 January 2003. Hayes, Mark. 17 May 2013. Web.<http://www.productpolicy.org/content/history-waste>.

Waste Disposal In Developing Countries. 12 June 2005. Mansoor, Ali. 17 May 2013. Web. <http://www.lboro.ac.uk/well/resources/fact-sheets/fact-sheets-htm/waste.htm>.
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