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Aztec Life

group of billy, celina, christian

aztec group 1 c b c

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Aztec Life

Aztecs grew and ate maze (corn) chili peppers, avacadoes, tomatoes, squash, prickely pears, beans Aztec Life Billy, Celina, Christian Agriculture Aztecs grew many things including : maze (corn) prickly pears, chili peppers, avacados, tomatoes, squash, and cacao beans Aztecs rarely hunted, but when they did, they would only hunt small game. They ate domesticated animals like dogs, turkey, and muscovy ducks. Art and Textiles Aztecs made sculptures and paintings of :
Snakes (also seen as dragons)
Dogs Aztecs used textiles for patterns These is just two pictures of a textiles Trade and Cities Tenochitlan was the biggest city in the WORLD at that time Aztecs built gorgeous and sophisticated cities In 500 communities, almost 15 million people lived In Tenochitlan almost 300,000 people lived Trading:
Small purchases were bought with cacao beans. Small rabbit = 30 cacao beans Eggs = 3 cacao beans Cloth purchase = 65-300 cacao beans Two calendars: religious and solar. Calendar

Religious calendar has 260 days. Solar calendar has 365 days, kind of like our calendar. Calendar considered sacred, and was read by the Astrologer priests.
The Aztec stone calendar Stone calendar made in 1479 ... small Counted by twenties Math 20= flag 400= feather or a fir tree 80 snakes The Aztecs spoke Classical Nahuatl Hieroglyphs They used four vowels: i, e, a, and o. Used the consonants: p, t, l, r, n, k, m, ch, x, c, s, z, c, cu, y, hu, and p. Hieroglyphs used in three ways, pictographs, ideographs, and as phonograms. Symbols were similar, so they made distinctions by using color. Religion Priest did most of the rituals. Gods; Huitzilopoct a mighty Aztec war god.

Quetzalcoatl was a serpent and son of creator. Rulers Acampichtl guided early construction. Huitzilhuitl acomplished Introduced a universal mandatory education. Technology Introduced many items to the Eastern world including popcorn, hot chocolate, and chewing gum. Practiced advanced medicine, mostly herbal, that was antispasmodic, to help against seizures and insomnia. Quiz Time! What did the Aztecs use to buy crops and cloth?
B)Cacao beans
C)Salt What was the Aztec's most important god?
C)Chentico How would you write 40 snakes?
A)40 pictures of snakes
B)2 feathers over a snake
C)2 flags over a snake a number of local conquest. Moctezuma established the Aztecs victories and military program. Moctezuma last great ruler Weapons Maquahuit it is compared to a sword. It was a close cobat weapon. Clubs were like a mase. Spears were extreamly sharp,over 7feet long. Bow and Arrow were their long distance weapons. Government government worked like this. Aztec inherted the king ship so only the families could be a king. The public plaza is in the center of the city. That is bordered by temples outside of that central area. Aztecs lived in the middle of a salt lake Geography Their island was man made Before they built their island, they moved many places in Mexico
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