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Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

session 2

Courtney Blair

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

Outdoor & Adventurous Activities Session 2 Learning Outcomes By the end of today's lesson you will be able to:
- Provide an overview of the available provision within UK National parks, (places where people can participate in each of the 4 activities), and the role played by the Campaign for National Parks. - P1
- Devise risk assessments for each of your selected activities. - P2 Starter activity: complete the Campaign for the National Parks gap-fill. Campaign for National Parks - The campaign for National Parks is designed to protect, stand up for and expand the National Parks family.
- The CNP is the only national charity dedicated to campaigning to protect and promote all of the National Parks of England and Wales.
- Formerly known as the Council for National Parks.
- UK registered charity.
- http://www.cnp.org.uk/ National Park Introduction The 13 members of the National Park family in England and Wales contain some of the best scenery, rarest wildlife and richest cultural heritage in the British Isles. Task - Outline the main purpose of the CNP National Parks Task: Using the map provided can you plot the following National Parks: 1. Brecon Beacons 9. Northumberland
2. Broads 10. North York Moors
3. Cairngorms 11. Peak District
4. Dartmoor 12. Pembrokeshire Coast
5. Exmoor 13. Snowdonia
6. Lake District 14. South Downs
7. Loch Lomond 15. Yorkshire Dales
8. New Forest National
Parks National Parks - date established http://www.cnp.org.uk/features/national-parks The Council for National Parks: Provision The vast and diverse landscapes of the National Parks make them suitable for a range of outdoor and adventurous activities. Task: Watch the following video clips and make notes regarding the type of landscape offered and the OAA they are suitable for. National Parks: Provision The Lake District National Park Pembrokeshire National Park Cairngorms National Park National Parks Quiz http://www.nationalparks.gov.uk/learningabout/whatisanationalpark/guessthepark.htm Provision of outdoor activities in National Parks http://www.nationalparks.gov.uk/visiting/outdooractivities.htm Risk assessments for outdoor activities A risk assessment allows people to consider what could go wrong when taking part in outdoor activities and they are designed to ensure the safety and protection of people. Risk Assessment - A risk assessment document examines possible hazards which may occur, the risks involved, the likelihood of them happening and how the hazards are prevented. Task - Complete the activity by identifying the outdoor activity that the risk/control measure relates to. A risk assessment must include the following information:
- activity
- people at risk
- hazards
- control measures
- likelihood
- severity
- risk rating Hazards A hazard is a potential source of danger which has the potential to affect someone's safety or cause an injury. Example: climbing in a new area, a strong current in the sea, faulty equipment. Likelihood of harm form a view on how likely the hazard is to cause an injury:
- likely
- possible
- unlikely Determine if the injury is likely to be: Minor - requiring no treatment or immediate first aid only
Moderate - requiring medical treatment
Major - requiring hospitalization From the matrix identify the risk rating from 1-9 Activity: identify the activity that the hazard/control measure relates to. Task: Complete risk assessments for 2 of your selected activities. Homework - Assignment Describe the role of the Campaign for National Parks.
Identify and describe places that are suitable to undertake your 4 selected outdoor activities
Produce a basic risk assessment for each of the 4 activities
Pro forma on moodle
1 week to complete
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