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Chinese Marriage Ceremony

No description

Kevin Tang

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Chinese Marriage Ceremony

Chinese Marriage Ceremonies This is the chinese word "fú,"
which means fortune. This is the word "xi,"
which means happiness. At chinese weddings, paper cutouts of words like are used
as decoration. Sometimes they are hung upside down, to
represent the arrrival of something. ^ Tradtional chinese wedding cothes are always red, to
symbolize fortune and happiness in the couple's future. Even modern wedding clothing is red, red wedding
clothing has become a chinese tradition. By: Kevin Tang Greg Chung Andre Martin - and Marc de la Rosa http://youtu.be/9iASDCYou08 Here is a video of a traditional chinese wedding from a chinese drama. The bride's head is covered by a opaque red veil,
and she is unveiled at a specific time by the groom.
The goom cannot see her face before the time of
the unveiling, or else it is considered bad luck. In ancient times, the parents would choose
the bride or groom for their child, because
the child was deemed to immature to make
such an important decision. Did you know? Current gifts for the bride sometimes
include the "Dragon and Pheonix" pastry. In chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol
for the male, and the pheonix, a female. 龙凤饼 Bridal gifts were given out after the approval.
Most of the bridal gifts in ancient times were
food and clothing, especially tea. The family of the male child would
go through a long process to see if the
woman was suitable for their son. If
no evil omens were "seen," and if the
families approved of each other,
preparation of the wedding would begin. A day before the wedding, the bride would have a "sleepover" with
her girlfriends. The groom would set up a "bridal bed," and children
were invited onto the bed to bring fertility to the couple. Before the wedding ceremony, the bride
would get ready (put on her clothes and
make-up, and other preparations) with her
family, and be walked to where the groom
was by her eldest sister-in-law. Traditionally, the groom wears a long red sash,
and the bride will hold it until they are together,
symbolizing the formation of a married couple. After the wedding, there is a banquet.
Traditionally the couple would seperate
and dine with their families, but nowadays
they may dine together.

Many classic and traditional chinese dishes
are served at the feast, including shark's fin
soup, roast suckling pig, steamed fish, duck meat, and other foods that represent the pheonix/dragon symbols. Lobster and Cooked chicken feet. (long xia and feng zhua) Many chinese weddings in America differ from
the ones in China, many people have adopted the
western style of weddings. So they can be a
combination of different wedding forms. The
meaning behind the cerimonies are the same,
though, the formation of a new love between two
people. It is also traditionally meant to pass down the
family name, so a son is prefered in chinese culture. During the banquet, many traditional
ceremonies are preformed, one of them
is the bride offering a drink to her elders
to show respect. There are different mythological stories that
"explain" what one should do for a proper wedding.
Ancient chinese people were very superstitious. Any
bad omen could cause a cancellation of the wedding.
Even so, religion does not affect a wedding much.
Most weddings are based on tradition and mythology,
not religion. But Confucius did have a philosophy
about marrige, one that many people follow. Like how
the marriage should be "founded on love." In traditional weddings, there would
be beating of drums, and trumpets
sounding. Nowadays, many people
play traditional music, like chinese opera,
or current music that may have a wedding
theme in the lyrics. Link would not embed, sorry! Thank you for watching! Many modern chinese weddings
are held at large restaurants,
unlike American weddings
that are usually held at churches. In ancient times, the place of the
wedding varied, but it was usually
at the groom's house.
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