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"I AM" presentation

Angela Baek, Period 3, LA, Due October 2nd

Angie B

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of "I AM" presentation

I live with my mom, my dad, my sister, and my dog in Sunny San Diego in Sunny California in Sunny United States in Sunny North America in Not-So-Sunny Earth in the Not-So-Sunny Milky Way. My kind, loving dad and my kind, loving mom cook food for me, take me places, and let me do stuff. On the other hand, my sister Andrea, who is in 6th grade at OVMS, does not cook food for me, take me places, or let me do stuff. In fact, she yells at me more than my parents do and thinks she is older than me, even though she is 2 1/2 years younger. I wish I was my dog Thank You, because all she does is eat, poop, bark, chew things up, and sleep. And she's cute. And loving. And is really fast. I'm glad that I am not my pet hermit crabs because they are dead. Or to sound less harsh, "no longer alive", according to Google.
"I AM"
By Angela Baek
< Maternal
My parents grew up in South Korea; my mother in Daegu and my father in Daejun. In South Korea, we celebrate different holidays and have different traditions than those of America, such as
seol-nal (Korean New Year)
Children's Day
chu-suk (Korean Thanksgiving)
Korean New Year is held annually on Lunar January 1st (January or February). "Seol-nal" means "unfamiliar or incomplete day". Practices followed on our New Year include bowing to respect the elders wearing Korean traditional clothing (han-bok); flying kites
then cutting off the string to let go of bad
luck; and playing "yut-nori", a traditional
board game played for fun.
Children's Day was established on May 1st, 1922 by a man named Bang Jeong-Hwan. He was a children's rights activists; back then, children had no rights, were forced to work, and were the "property" of their parents. After that, the government built buildings and organizations dedicated to children and their education. Today, Children's Day is a national holiday on May 5th.
Chu-suk is a holiday where Koreans eat sweet rice cakes called song-pyun and share food, as well as dance, wrestle, and play tug-of-war. Often known as Korean Thanksgiving, Chu-suk is the holiday to thank the hard work and harvest of the season.
South Korea, Seol Ak San, 3 years ago
ME. me? YEAH, ME.
My name is Angela Baek. I have boring brown hair that gets tangled easily, boring brown eyes that look almost black, and boring tan skin that I would love to change but can't. I'm short and skinny. I was born on the 28th day of the 3rd month in the year in which the World Cup was located in Seoul, South Korea. I am the astrological sign after the Greek god of War, and yes, it means I'm a ram, not a fish. Even though I'm Korean, I was born in San Diego.
in a lot of things that will... I actually don't have a clue. But I do have a lot of things I believe in. Here we go...
I believe...
in second chances. in random acts of kindness. in others. in believing in yourself. in being creative. in freedom. in making the world a better place. in helping those who are less fortunate. in respecting others no matter who they are. in positive change. in fixing mistakes. in saying sorry. in the importance of family. in love. in connecting with others and socializing. in finding the good in others, no matter who they are and what they did. in not judging people by what's on the outside. in equality in everyone. in making a better future- not just for us, but also for the biotic and abiotic things around us. in making everyone feel like a someone. in smiling. in just being.
That being kind can make a difference. that you should BOTH receive AND give, not just one or the other. that we all have a chance to live life the way we want to. that everyone deserves a hug. that everyone is equally important. that everyone can change someone's life.
Thank you!
Angela Baek

October 2015
P E T S - A K A T H I N G S I ' M F O N D O F
P E E V E S - A K A T H I N G S I ' M N O T F O N D O F
my dog, Thank You
my dog, once again. time travelng to the past.
I'm quite fond of my 2 year-old dog who loves to bark, play, sleep, poop, cuddle, eat, and jump on things. If you know me pretty well, you'll know that I'm not fond of many things, but I'll save those for later. I'm fond of photography, drawing, and art and creating things on paper with a pencil. I also enjoy vandalizing other forms of paper and stealing food, which I consider some of my biggest accomplishments. I'm also fond of eating things like Korean BBQ, ice (yes, the solid form of water), and flat dumplings (that only exist in Daegu, S. Korea). I am also fond of making interesting noises at weird times and scaring my sister to make her jump. I'm fond of traveling to other countries and accepting others' culture. I'm fond of organization and laziness; I am aware that they contradict each other, but I AM both, so it IS quite possible.
Not being fond of many things is one of my biggest pet peeves. Here are some others: I am not fond of chocolate. I am also not fond of the expression people make when they are informed that I'm not fond of chocolate. I am also not fond of beans and avocado. I'm not fond of things that are out of alignment or order, because they distract me. I'm not fond of when things get out of hand, like when Prezi decides to load, save, and display things in a slow manner. As much as I enjoy being human, I'm not fond of humanity itself, and what mankind is doing to Earth and other biotic beings in this world. I am not fond of the times when people don't look around at their surroudings, and not appreciating the smallest things. The main things that top my peeve list are two other biotic things that are (unfortunately) living with us on Earth. One of their names starts with an "a" and ends with a "n", a "t", and a "s". The other one starts with "m" and ends with "osquitos". If you did not guess ants and mosquitos, I'm sorry for your lack of thinking.
TaeKwonDo has been a big part of who I am and has shaped me in different ways. I started when I was in third grade (5 years ago), and ever since, I've changed, not just physically, but mentally. It taught me skill on how to 1) defend myself, 2) kick other people hard when they annoy you during sparring and 3) how to have, develop, and keep long-term memory. It also teaches you important social skills like 1) how to look really bad in group photos, 2) how to put up with someone you absolutely hate, and 3) how to shut up when the master/instructor is talking. At this moment, I am a 2nd degree black belt, and have seen many other people that go to OVMS at my studio/tournaments, which always ends up in an awkward situation, something I have excelled at the day I was born. TaeKwonDo has been my form of exercise, or my "sport". The reason I labeled this category "hobbies" instead of "sports" is because 1) not many people would consider martial arts as a sport, and 2) because TaeKwonDo is much more than a sport; it's "how to live life", according to the "black belt handbook", which I totally do not agree with. But that's okay, TaeKwonDo has helped me learn how to put up with beliefs that you totally DO NOT agree with.
Me, as a Black Belt, looking as < awkward, obviously.
This was years ago, when I never knew that this picture would have 6 OVMS students/alumni in it. Wow. >
I am what I am fond of, what I'm not fond of, and my hobbies. I am just a normal person who relies on her eyes to perceive the world, but has terrible eyesight. I am a person of many interests and disinterests. I am who you perceive me to be, whoever that may be. I am who I was, am, and ever will be. I am what I believe. Speaking of...
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