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Light bulb By: Jonathon Skowron and Alexandria Smith

No description

alexandria smith

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Light bulb By: Jonathon Skowron and Alexandria Smith


Thomas Edison, a famous scientists, made a revolution for the future of man kind... the lightbulb. The lightbulb was invented by other people, but they never found a safe prototype until Thomas Edison came along. The safest version was invented in 1879.
At first, people used oil lamps. They were extremely dangerous. Then, the lightbulb was invented. It was much safer and a good source of light. We take the lightbulb for granted now. Back then, people valued the lightbulb. We should too because otherwise most of our other inventions would not exist without it. You wouldn't be reading this without lightbulbs because this computer wouldn't exist. Thereof the lightbulb is a very important invention.
High-frequency power-conversion lightbulbs are one of the innovations. This makes the lightbulb last even longer and it saves power. They MUST be manufactured differently otherwise it won't save power.
Areas that define the lightbulb
The lightbulb is used for seeing. For guiding us though pitch black nights also if your in a dark room. It makes things better to see. However, the lightbulb has caused major pollution and some have fallen, causing injuries.
The original inventor
How was and is it used?
Innovations of this invention
The lightbulb is Bio-related and Agricultural
You tube video about the invention
More than 49 million LED lights are being used across America. This saves lots of energy.
The light bulb was made but quickly discouraged due to the lack of safety of it.
Thomas Edison made the first safe 16 watt lightbulb.
The LED light was invented. The LED light conserved power.
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