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¿How does recycling work in other countries?

No description

María Rojas

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of ¿How does recycling work in other countries?

¿How does recycling work in other countries?
Do Now
Watch the following video and explain why it is important to recycle.
Write the following questions in your notebook and answer them with the information provided.
Aim of the Lesson
Comprehend the main idea in simple texts with information about other countries.
About which country is the information given?

What is the information about?

Which solid waste is generated the most?

Which product is the most recycled?

Can a bottle of beer be recycled?

Can a supermarket bag be recycled?

Which of the medical devices shown can´t be recycled?

What should we do with the ceramic once it becomes rubbish if we want to help environment?

What is the information about?
How much waste does South Korea recycle?

Approximately how much waste is produced per day?

Which country is the one that produces less waste?
Which european country recycle the least?

In which level of recycling is Portugal? (Red, orange, yellow, lime or green zone)

What is the target that the european zone reached?

What symbols or images are around each zone?
Which continent produces more paper?

Which continent has increased more the percentage of paper for recycling?

In which year did Europe produced more paper, in 2010 or in 2011?

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