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French Exploration of "The New World"

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Yue Taira

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of French Exploration of "The New World"

French Exploration
The Explorers
Robert de LaSalle
Found and traveled down the Mississippi river
Marquette and Joilet began the journey
Turned back around in modern day Memphis, TN
LaSalle claimed all land that drained into the Mississippi/Gulf of Mexico as Louisiana and the land around it as a part of France.
This are the routes that
LaSalle took
Indians in the Area
About the Area

There is a lot of water from the Mississippi River. This is going to come in handy for when we colonize our new land. There is also animals with valuable fur (or food) that we can bring back or use to make clothing or blankets. There is also a lot of wood for building and cooking.
- http://www.texasalmanac.com/topics/environment/wildlife
- http://www.cogsci.indiana.edu/farg/rehling/nativeAm/ling.html

Routes of past Explorers
We are planning to conquer Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
Orange: Spain
Blue: French
Red: Britain
Our Purpose
Our purpose for the expedition is
to gain land and find furs. If we do
these things we will gain money
to fund more explorations.
Is the journey worth the risk?
It is worth the risk because other countries are exploring too, and soon, there will not be any land left for us. Also in the end we will be back with a lot of animal furs and land. It will bring the king and the country wealth. It is also achievable because there are a lot of resources there useful for colonization.
European Background
-Christopher Columbus discovers North America (1492)
- Exploring is big in this time
-Crusades ended so soldiers are looking for something to do(exploring)
Why exploring is Important
Colonization a was important to Europeans and there was competition between the three countries because everybody wants land. Also, Europe had what "The New World" didn't have, and they had what Europe didn't so they could trade.
European Conflict
-The French won the Franco-Spanish War and that confirmed France as more powerful
-When we built a fort on a river (la Salle missed the
Mississippi) The Spanish got angry because it was their territory

-The French were going to invade England but the invasion was stopped by bad weather.

By: Daniel, Yue, Aaron, and Gaby
We will land on the Texas coast and head out
where we haven't conquered.
Our Plan
Louis Joliet
Jacques Marquette
About the Countries
-French: was after land and furs
-Spanish wanted the 3 G's: Gold, to spread the word of God, and Glory
-British: wanted more land and religious freedom
Robert de La Salle
We will encounter these native americans:

The Tonkawa, Wichita, Apache, Kiowa, Pawnee, Osage and Kansa indians all hunted animals so we can trade the furs with them. The Caddo traded crafts, wood, and food, which can be helpful for colonization. The Cheyenne Arapho people were farmers, and friendly, so we can be learn how to farm from them. Most of these native americans were friendly, and if not we hope to make alliances with them to fight off other countries.
Blue Paper
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