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NTI Presentation

Sampsa Auvinen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of NTI

Thank you

www.norviktimber.com NORVIK TIMBER INDUSTRIES ORGANIZATION Norvik’s origin can be traced back to BYKO’s founding in 1962 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Norvik is a family owned company that operates in a very decentralized and entrepreneurial way.

The group is involved today in building material and home improvement retail, food retail, home appliance retail, sports good retail and forest industry. Norvik Timber Industries is the forest industry group inside Norvik. All the group companies strive to be innovative and progressive.

The turnover of Norvik is about € 450 million. COMPANY OVERVIEW BYKO LAT - CED - VIKA WOOD – NORWOOD
Norvik Shipping is a logistics company that operates a full size port at the mouth of the River Crouch, east of London, owns and operates a vessel (MV Mosvik), has a ship’s agency business and operates a haulage business out of the Port of Creeksea. Norvik Shipping is also involved in shipping recycled wood waste out of the UK and shipping earth on the river Thames.

Port of Creeksea handles forest industry products, steel and other commodities. Norvik Shipping www.jarltimber.se Jarl Timber joined Norvik in November 2007. The company is situated between Vaxjo and Kalmar in Sweden. The sawmill’s annual production of 80 000 m3 is mainly exported to the European continent.

Jarl Timber is a technically advanced mill and the bulk of products are planed, treated and kiln dried.

Jarl Timber employs about 35 people Jarl Timber www.laesti.ee Laesti sawmills in Parnu, Estonia are a subsidiaries of Byko Lat. Laesti Savi produces currently annually about 45 000 m3 and Laesti Sauga about 35 000 m3 of sawn timber
The production is sold to the European and North African markets. A large part of the sawn timber production is transported to Byko Lat’s Valmiera plant for further processing. BYKO-LAT - LAESTI www.vikawood.lv Vika Wood, established in 1995, has developed into the largest sawmill in Latvia with current output of 280,000 m3 of sawn spruce and pine. The mill is located in the western part of Latvia, between Riga and Ventspils, just 12 km from Talsi. The sawmill's products are sold globally to the Levant countries, Europe and Japan. Vika Wood employs about 150 people.

Vika Wood started during 2010 a EUR 15 million modernization project of the sawmill. Vika Wood www.norwoodsm.ru Norwood, based in Syktyvkar the capital Komi Republic, has 2 logging companies, 1 sawmill with a capacity of 100 000 m3 and a trading company in North East European Russia.

Products and traded goods are sold domestically in Russia and exported to Latvia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Norwood www.continentalwood.co.uk Continental Wood Products is one of the largest importers of Baltic timber and related products in the UK. Its headquarters are in Westerham in Kent, south of London.

CWP imports about 70 000 m3 per year of sawn and planed softwood, sawn birch, OSB, plywood, furniture components and fencing products. Continental Wood Products CED located in Cesis, Latvia is structured as a subsidiary of BYKO-LAT. CED specializes in the production of garden products including fence panels and components, garden tables, decking components, bird houses, bird feeders and other garden products. As side products the company makes pellets.

CED currently employs around 160 people. www.ced.lv BYKO-LAT - CED BYKO-LAT in Riga, Latvia is one of Latvias leading exporters of processed timber products. The company specializes in timber processing and production of timber related products. In Valmiera the company operates full size reprocessing plant, door and window plant and element house building plant.
The bulk of production is exported to UK, Benelux, France, Iceland and Norway.
Over 250 people are employed at BYKO-LAT. www.byko.lv BYKO-LAT Norvik Timber Industries, part of Norvik Group, incorporates all the forest industry companies in the group.

The turnover of Norvik Timber Industries is about € 190 million and it employs 1100 people. Norvik Timber Industries
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