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Dating Violence & Healthy Relationships

Grade 10 Planning final project 2012/2013 - first semester

Izabelle Elias

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Dating Violence & Healthy Relationships

Introduction We have all heard about in previous
presentations on "Dating Violence &
Healthy Relationships", but for some its unclear on what really happens, what steps you should take and where to start.
So today I'm going to somehow clarify the whole idea of "Dating Violence & Healthy Relationships"

The topics we will cover today are...
Why dating violence happens
The main cause(s) of dating violence and why the partner allows it.
How to be safe
Statistics on violent relationships
How to spot an abusive relationship & to get out of one
How to maintain a healthy relationship
How to make an abusive relationship work if possible. Izabelle Elias Dating Violence & Healthy Relationships! http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2012/02/teen-violence.aspx
http://www.hiddenhurt.co.uk/keeping_safe_in_abusive_relationships.html Websites... How to spot an abusive relationship &
to stop and get out! Being in an abusive relationship is not healthy for anyone especially the one being abused. Not a lot of people know what to do in this kind of situation. So here are some ways to spot it and stop it...
Blames the partner for their anger
History of violent behavior ( from childhood & being victimized)
Insults and calls the partner names
Tells you what to wear and how to act
The partner is controlled by the abuser in an unhealthy way by saying, "He/She will break up with me if i do this..."
Isolates you from friends and family

The victim may find their self...
feeling afraid to move on and break up
crying a lot, feeling depressed, and unhappy
obsessed with pleasing your partner
You can prevent this by knowing how to be safe... Healthy Relationships! In healthy relationships there are a few simple rules to follow such as ...
Being a good listener
Keep arguments to yourself
Have equal time together
Thats not the only things relationships need there are many other ways to maintain and to know if you have a good relationship! There is a lot more to healthy relationships than you think. These are other ways of maintaining healthy relationships...
Know what your partner needs and vice versa
Dont change your partner and dont let your partner change you
Be willing to negotiate and seeing things from your partners point of view
Say it like you mean it, tell your partner you love them it will show your affection to them
Finally, dont confuse sex with love! How to be safe! Statistics! 69% of all teens who have had sex by the age of 14 have gone through more types of abuse in a relationship
1 in5 between the ages 13 & 14 say their friends have been victims of dating violence (being struck, hit or slapped by the partner)
20% of teens say that their friends have struck their partner before
51% of teens know the signs of a violent relationship while 49% dont
A significant amount of teens from 15-18 experience emotional, mental, and physical abuse in a violent relationship
11 teens report being victims of dating violence
3% of dating violence has been reported to an adult How to get out of a bad relationship Just think to yourself about all the times you may have needed your partner and how much or how little you trust them. Usually your partner may have not succeeded with meeting all your expectations. These are some of the signs that your relationship is just.... not working out... (Ask yourself...)
Have you ever been hurt by your partner
They dont show affection to you and you never feel satisfied
when they are constantly bailing out on you or you just cant count on them to be their for you
being afraid to express yourself (you dont want to upset your partner and you feel like your walking on eggs)
If they commit an unforgivable act (DUMP THEM! wither they commit a murder, cheat on you, it doesnt matter there are no excuses when you make a commitment with eachother)
When your partner says "i need some space" this is your chance to move on Watch this video...
What does it mean to you? Is it possible to maintain an abusive relationship? Unless your partner is not in denial and is willing to get help then it can work out. If that doesn't help make your mind think about it in the long-term, 10, 20, 30 years later your partner may never change. If you are willing to spend the rest of your life being mistreated , abused and upset it might make you think twice before you make your decision.
You dont want to end up 35 years old with a broken heart, life, family, and a body.
It's not easy and not hard but it may hurt at first. You can love again and find someone worthy of your love and will respect, honor, and cherish you every step of the way. Survey results .... (surveyed 15 people) If you want to get away from an abusive and sexual relationship here are some ways you can leave your old life behind and start new again...
if your partner forces you to have sex or touches say "no means no"
dont let alcohol influence your decisions
tell someone about it like an adult or friend
plan a safe destination that the abuser doesnt know about
Always keep your cell and money just in case
call 911 if it gets worse
take photos of bruises and other injuries
Be sure to stay away from small rooms when dealing with an abuser The people that chose other... For how to present the info 4 people said a video

What else causes dating violence
abuse at a young age
the way the abuser was raised
abuse was influenced in their household
Desire for power and control
Jealousy Why dating violence happens/ Why the abuser thinks that way? The abuser was once a victim which may include harsh parenting or other problems that could be mental. Media such as TV shows and video games cause men to abuse women so violently.
Jealousy could be a reason but thats depending on how long the couple has been together for.
Violence is more than three times likely to occur on days alcohol is consumed compared to days with no drinking.
Victims allow the abuse due to emotional abuse they have grown with from their childhood, and victims may have low self-esteem, insecure, a submissive personality, and they feel the need to be controlled. Building foundation of appreciation, and focus on saying "Thank you" than focusing on the mistakes your partner has made.
Saying sorry when you have done or said something hurtful to your partner. This will build trust the more you take responsibility for your words and actions.
Communication is critical especially for important decisions regarding sex, career, marriage, and family (children). For Help... You can call the domestic hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
the website:
For teens:
http://www.loveisrespect.org/ Thank you
for listening!
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