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Chapter 6

No description

Mike Douthat

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 6

Chapter 6
The life cycle and adolescence

8 stages in ones life
Stage 1: birth 1 YO
trust vs mistrust
Stage 2: 2-3 YO
Independence vs. doubt
Stage 3 3-6 years old
Enterprise vs. guilt
Stage 4: 6-12 years old
Ability vs. inability
Stage 5: 12-19 years
Identity vs role confusion
Stage 6: Ages 20-40
Closeness vs loneliness
Stage 7: 41-64 years
Caring for children vs.
self absorbtion
Stage 8: 65 and older Meaning and purpose vs despair
Question: If you are sad and you surround yourself with people, will it make you happy?
Only 2 terms to write down, yeaa!!
Adolescence - time between ages 12-19 when many physical changes take place.
Role confusion - being unsure about who one is and one's goals as and adult.
The key word is balance!
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