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My Journey

No description

Emilianne McCranie

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of My Journey

In Search of Experience:
one graduate student's quest for a teaching philosophy

How to Teach
Many of us were only taught using the traditional lecture
How to Implement
How to Assess & Improve
Concluding Thoughts
Provide places for students to learn about the scholarship of teaching and learning
Give STEM graduate students actual teaching experience
Guidance and support for implementing new teaching techniques & technology

Where to Teach
Teaching Assistant Duties
Cynthia Brame
Christian Ehret
Rhett McDaniel
Michelle Sulikowski
Undergraduate labs
Not instructor-of-record
Experimenting with a new teaching technique can be daunting
Not instructor-of-record
Technological challenges
Persistence - the first iteration may not be the best
Student resistance - student expectations can play a big role
"Don't be afraid to try things."
-Michelle Sulikowski

We need to be exposed to the scholarship of teaching and learning and new technologies
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