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Camille Combe

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Danone

"Give health through food to the largest number" Brands owned by Danone DANONE A place for innovation Creation : 1919 by Isaac Carrasso

CEO : Franck Riboud since 1996 Will you detect traps ?

Let's play... Today, the group owns 12 brands worldwide :

Stonyfield farm
Zywiec Zdroj Danone's global presence Global strategy & priorities Concentrated on 4 markets
> Mineral water
> Infant nutrition
> Medical nutrition
> Fresh dairy products

Dedicated to health and nutrition
Dialog with any group of consumers
Adapt and expand into new territories "Food isn’t a global reality, food is a reality rooted in cultural and social traditions"Emmanuel Faber - Co-Chief Operating Officer, Danone Since 2010 the group adopts a strategy of investing in six priority countries : 6 ways to adapt Danone's models MICRUB, a strategic choice
Evolving models
Adapt to growth and find the best ways to grow in new countries
Designing products for local needs
Push into new regions with robust GDP growth
Experiment and co-developement

4 guidelines :
Active health

Major achievement of teams research's in nutrition :
Nutritional mapping
Identifying consumers groups health professionals around the world Of the turnover for research international scientific collaboration renovations and launched products People in the
world VITAPOLE Research & Development at Danone
Since 2,5 years, in Palaiseau
Annual budget : 130 Millions €
500 searchers from all nationalities
Objective : create the best working conditions

3 parts :
Pilot part
Office part Managing
Innovation Challenges :
Accelerate innovation across the mixed teams
Allow the development for all skills and talents

Actions :
Suburbs' hope plan in November 2008
The Handicap charter
New ways to recruit at the Universel Night Progress in the
Danone Way 27% of employees are women at all levels
44% of managers at all levels are women

The level of integration of handicapped persons reached 5% at the end of 2010, and is still increasing Fields for innovation for Danone Why innovate in Fresh Dairy Products ? Danone innovates in emerging markets such as India, Senegal, and a part of Asia

Its will is based on :

• Nutrition in quantity and quality
• Cost
• Consumer preferences Innovating for everyone and everywhere The first reduced-calorie yogurt with Stevia extract Stevia was born in South America,
and implanted in France since June 2010

Characteristics :
a sweetness 200-300 times stronger than sugar classical zero calories,
a slight taste of licorice,
free of dyes and preservatives Danone
yogurt Sub-brand
yogurt Will you recognize the good one ? Innovation in waters :
Stevia's application Minimize hunger sensations

Decreases hypertension

Helps with addictions to tobacco and alcohol

Recommended for diabetes, pre-diabetes Bonafont with Jugo Lemon The first Stevia sweetened Danone beverage
2 years of work to find the right formula
40% sugar reduction
Launched in Mexico in 2010 Medical Nutrition Nutritia Advanced Medical Nutrition Division : 3500 employees

It represents 6% of the overall turnover

Europe = 60% of Nutricia’s sales

Present in Turkey, China, Poland, Mexico and Brazil : high growth potential
Nutricia has its own range of products :

The Fortimel Blockbuster / Fortimel Compact
Compact Fibre
Fortisip Compact
FortiFit Infant Nutrition Main purpose : responding to malnutrition issues for young children in developing countries

Focus : nutritional needs of children between 0 and 3 years old

Benefits : implantation of Danone in 17 new countries, and an increase of 50% of the overall turnover A specific pediatric portfolio :

Powdered Infant Neocate
Blédina / Blédichefs
Cow & Gate
Gallia Pregnancy Laboratory Which ones do you think
eat Danone ? You have just found... Happy Babies by Danone ! Environmental Innovation Danone has committed for environmental and social issues since 1972

"Corporate responsibility does not stop at the threshold of factories or offices"
Antoine Riboud, Ex-CEO of DANONE The environmental strategy :
4 guidelines Fighting against climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Protect water resources and use it in harmony with ecosystems and local communities Packaging : turning waste into resources and develop renewable materials

Agriculture and biodiversity : promoting competitive agriculture, which creates social, environmental and nutritional values The environmental strategy :
4 guidelines Micro-factory : a reinvented industrial model Danone reinvented its industrial model to expand its market, now using micro-plants to increase its production capacity

Results :
1,3 million fever km travelled
2000 fever tonnes of CO2 emissions An exclusive strategy : "Activia Mornings" 23 years after its creation,
the leader of yogurts declined its main product into a liquid version to be poured on fruit or cereals

With the Activia Cereals Yogourts, the Activia Bottles

The first time a brands chooses to focus on a specific timed market : the « Breakfast Market » The real innovation :
a revolutionary product placement The first time two competitive brands chose to become complementary around the purchase of a single product Do you remember your childhood ? Consumers would favor pleasure ? Thank you
for your attention
and participation ! Danone in the future A yogurt to solidify bones
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