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Will Salt Have an Effect on Plant Growth?

Science Project: Brandon Digal Block 1/ Science Honors Mr.Berberet

Brandon Digal

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Will Salt Have an Effect on Plant Growth?

Will Salt Have an Effect on Plant Growth? By: Brandon Digal Plant 1: Leaves were green & seemed to be the same as yesterday! However, I noticed white spots surrounding the plant, but when I watered the plant it went away! Day 1 2 plants (same kind) in vases covered with soil Materials Fresh water Salt water Teaspoon of salt 2 cups to separate the salt water to the fresh water 2 saucers to put each plant in, so that the water wouldn't spill Pictures of Materials: Saucer The purpose of this project is to determine whether or not salt will affect a plants environment. Will this crystalline mineral, really affect the growth, color, and texture of a plant? In this lab, I will compare two plants differently, with the most important source of energy they need, water. One plant will be given fresh water and the other will be given salt water, for four days. Each day, I will record the results of each plant and after four days I will compare the plant with salt water to the plant with fresh water. I will also compare, whether or not, the plant with salt water had a dramatic change throughout the 4-Day growth. Will each plant grow the same or will their be a physical change with the plant, grown with salt water? Salt, a crystal formed from the remainders of NaCl (Sodium chloride) is usually discovered in seawater. These tiny cubes tightly bound together through ionic bonding of sodium and chloride ions. The size and shape of salt crystals can be modified by temperature. Plants need soil, fresh water, air, and sunlight, in order to survive The only types of plants that can survive with salt are plants found at seawater (such as seaweed) The higher concentration of salt outside of the plant cells in the soil causes water to move outside of the cells to try and equalize the concentration Some root cells of plants that do not tolerate salt may die, and if bad enough the plant will die Using salt water to fight forest fires does large amounts of damage to plants 1. Collect materials for the lab 2. Bring in each plant inside & label each plant differently: Plant 1 will be labeled as the plant grown with fresh water & Plant 2 will be labeled as the plant grown with salt water 3. Get a saucer to put each plant in 4. Get a teaspoon of salt, to put in the salt water 5. Next, get two cups, each labeled differently: One cup will be labeled "fresh water" and the other cup will be labeled "salt water" 6. Pour in the needed water in each labeled cup 7. Bring each plant outside, so each plant will equally get the requirements to survive 8. Repeat this process for four days & record observations/data of each plant, to see if each plants will grow the same, or if the plant grown with salt water will change physically/ dramatically Observations/ Results of Each Day: Based on the chemicals & reactions that salt create, I think that the plant grown with salt water, will die. One inference I have about the plant, is that its leaves will become withered, due to the plant not being able to consume salt, like other plants that are able to absorb salt water, such as seaweed. This plant has leaves that are sustainable to salt, since this plant is not developed from the salty seawater. Actually, this plant is grown from ivy plant seeds, therefore it isn't used to seawater. The other plant grown with fresh water, will be grown correctly, the way a plant should be grown. The reason for this is because this plant needs to be fed with fresh water, since it isn't from the sea & if it is fed a different kind of liquid, then the plant will die. Also, I think the plant will start to die in about 2 days because I wouldn't think the plant would die in only 1 day because the plant was just bought fresh from the store & was just fed salt water! However, I think the other plant wouldn't die during the 4-Day process, since it is surrounded with its correct basic needs. Plant grown with salt water Plant grown with fresh water Plant 2: Some parts of the plant (leaves) were already dead (turned blackish/ brownish)! Also, the leaves were dried & turned somewhat - white! Finally, I also noticed some leaves started to tear off! Day 1 Plant 1: Leaves Plant 2: Leaves Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 1 Plant 2 Pouring salt for the salt water Pouring fresh water for Plant 1 Pouring salt water for Plant 2 Leaving them out until tomorrow The plant grown with salt water will probably end up like this The plant grown with fresh water will grow correctly Day 2 Plant 1: Plant was standing straight, unlike Plant 2! Leaves were pure green, just like yesterday & is grown the way a healthy plant should be grown! Plant 2: Plant started to bend (die), because it couldn't withstand the salt water, unlike Plant 1 that is grown with fresh water! I also noticed that certain bugs were attracted to the plant, probably because of the salt in the plant! Day 2 Day 3 Leaving them out for another day Applying fresh water to Plant 1 Applying salt water to Plant 2 Leaves are still the same as yesterday Leaves had started to die *On this day, I noticed that when I added the salt water to the plant, the water started to boil! Applying fresh water to Plant 1 Applying salt water to Plant 2 Stems had started to wither! Leaving them out for one more day Plant 1, yet, remains the same! Day 4 Plant 1: Plant has yet changed throughout the 3-Day process! Unlike Plant 2, Plant 1 has yet gotten any dried/dead leaves or has started to bend! Day 3 Plant 2: Plant has already begun withering itself! The plant has already experienced withering its stems & probably soon, the entire plant will become dead/withered! Once again, the plant has attracted other bugs (spiders, which i killed), unlike Plant 1, which hasn't attracted any bugs! Plant 1: Plant 1 (grown with fresh water) hasn't change 1 bit! Overall, in this experiment, I got to witness what salt water does to a plant! Fresh water = Keeps the plant growing/ Salt Water = Kills the plant! Day 4 I decided to use smaller cups (8 oz.) because the other cups were to big and the plants needed about greater or less than 8 oz. of water each day Mixing in salt to make -> Salt water Pouring in fresh water to Plant 1 Pouring in salt water to Plant 2 Overall, I learned about the effects that salt have in a plant. Before, I didn't even know how will salt effect a plant, but know I learned the negative effects of applying salt water to a plant. For example, when adding salt water to a plant, it creates a dramatic change with growth! I got to learn that after 2 days the plant started to die! After 3 days, I got to learn that the leaves start to wither, making the plant more dead! At the 4th and last day of the project, I have learned that salt plays a major role in the deformation of a plant! Plant 1, which was grown with fresh water, didn't change one-bit because it was grown with fresh water, unlike Plant 2, which was fed with salt water! During, the 4-day process of this experiment, I have come to learn that fresh water must be fed at all times to a plant! Salt water, however, must never be fed to any plant (not unless its supposed to be living in seawater - seaweed), if you wouldn't want your plant to die & its leaves to wither! Independent Variable: Amount of water & salt given to each plant & sunlight: Plant 1 - Varies of the amount of fresh water/sunlight Plant 2 - Varies of the amount of salt in water/sunlight Dependent Variable: The height, color, and texture of each plant Controlling Variables: The last time giving water to each plant Fresh Water Salt Water Plant 1, yet hasn't changed! Ending results after 4 days! Plant 2 has nearly died & has withered leaves Bug Plant 2: Leaves Plant 2: In the last day of testing, I witnessed many bugs have been attracted to the plant lately! Also, the leaves in this plant have gotten withered, causing the plant to die, mainly because it hasn't been fed with fresh water! *Growth of each plant *Color
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