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The use of Telescopes throughout time

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Rebecca Hurst

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The use of Telescopes throughout time

The use of Telescopes throughout time
The First Telescopes
The improved reflector Telescope
After finding out about the focal length inventor William Herschel built his own improved telescope with mirrors that were further apart this gave him a better image through the telescope. With the reflector telescope William Herschel Discovered the planet Uranus.
Centuries ago people did not know there were other planets in our solar system but there were rumors there were other planets or other living beings. But no one knew how to find this out. Then telescopes were invented and people used them to gaze into space.
The radio Telescope
Radio Telescopes Were invented by Karl Janksy they are new and Improved and show a much better image than any other telescope. The radio telescope is one of the first telescopes which improved chromatic abboration.
Some Telescopes are built in Laboratories. Laboratories are in a shape of a dome and always have extremely good Telescopes inside of them and are used regularly depending on the clouding in the sky.
Fun Facts
There Is a difference between the reflector and refractor telescopes, the reflector has a curved mirror and the refractor has a curved lens.
The first telescope was thought of by Hans Lippershey But was first invented by Galileo Galilei in 1680. The Reflector telescope was very small and had a blurry image. Galileo soon found out that was because the mirrors were to close together this distance is called the Focal Length
Some inventors of telescopes
1. Galileo Galilei
2. William Herschel
3. Hans Lippershey
4. Niccolo Zucchi
5. Christoph Scheiner
6. John Herschel
7. Isaac Newton
8. Laurent Cassegrain
9. John Hadley
10. Chester Moore
1. Introduction
2. The First Telescopes
3. Some Inventors of telescopes
4.The improved Reflector telescope
5. Did you know
6.The Radio telescope
7. Laboratories
8. Fun fact
9. The end
Did you know
Even though telescopes were invented in 1680, They are still Being invented and improved today
Telescope in a laboratory looking
into the night sky
Reflector telescope on stand
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