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Erwin's Presentation

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Erwin's Presentation

Rome Project
Do you know the political, social, and economic problems Rome, Venezuela, and India had? If you don't I am here to tell you about them. One of them is there are a lot of poor people. Another is they are stealing food from stores.
2nd paragraph
Secondly, they are selling land to earn money. In India they keep their land and don't want anyone in it. However this is a contrast between India and Rome. This states that Rome sold their land for money and India didn't care about economical problems.
3rd paragraph
Lastly, government planned to give land to the poor. On the other hand in Venezuela they want to keep their land to themselves. Such as Graccus told the poor he would give them land. This proves it is political because Rome government is giving land and Venezuela is keeping it.
1st body paragraph
Erwin's Presentation
First, the roman began to fight for food. Similarly Venezuela are having fighting problems for food too. These are both social problems because the people from Rome and Venezuela both fought for food. This proves it is social because it talks about the people fighting for their own food.
2nd paragraph
In conclusion, these are the problems of Rome, India, Venezuela. One was having to sell land for money. Another was government giving land to the poor. All in all, these are my reasons of the problems they had
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