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Memoir Project

No description

Joshua Wells

on 30 July 2016

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Transcript of Memoir Project

Table Of Contents
Hope You Enjoy!
I Am Poem
I am silly and positive.
I wonder who invented unicorns.
I hear a unicorn singing.
I see a unicorn that has a shugar rush.
I want $1,000,000,000 dollars
I am silly and positive.
I pretend I was made out of money.
I feel like I might fly across the world right now.
I touch many fairys.
I worry that one day I might get bullied.
I cry when I get punished.
I am silly and positive.
I understand how people feel when they have to move to a new home.
I say never give up.
I dream about sheep.
I try to make enough money for a roblox obc membership card.
I hope I will be famous one day
I am silly and positive

Memoir Project
Favorite Memory
There was a large ride.
It had a big slide.
It had a lot of water.
I wish that it couldv'e been longer.
I was nine.
It would be just fine.

At least I was tall enough.
I thought I was tough.
I was not afraid.
Some one came down the steps who needed first aid.
The fall was mostly tube.
People wished it more like a cube.

It was a long wait.
It surely wasn't straight.
Many people changed their mind.
I thought it was kind.
It was my chance.
Time to make a stance.
I Am Poem
Favorite Memory
A Time I Was Scared Or Frightened
Proudest Moment
A B-Day Celebration
Time I Learned Something New

Aquatica IHU'S Breakaway Falls
The End!
A time I was scared or frightened.
Proudest Moment
It was my first time.
I had to admit I was scared but excited.
I have never gone deep before.
When I went down i felt like I am drowning.
It was dark i could not see much.
I was under large tree brances.
I felt like I might die cause of one mistake.
I turned on my flashlight and all I saw was caves.
I felt somethinggrab my shoulder.
It was just another scuba diver.
First Time I Went scuba
diving at Blue Sprigs
A B-Day Celebration
It was my first time at Sky Zone also it was my first time at any of Kevin's B-day parties.
I was nine at that time and my friends at the party were 10 or 11.
The people there were Yussef, Kevin, Donald, Me, Jake, and much more.
We had a great time all day until we had to go home.
The Time I Learned Something New.
Haiku Poem About Me!
I was new to Tae-Kwon-Doe.
It was my first time taking classes.
We had to learn how to do Daren-Young.
I was shy cause I was the only new kid.
I was only 5 at the time.
It took me a while but then I mastererd it!
It was my first Tae-Kwon-Doe stance I ever learned.
When I earned my
orage belt
for the first time.
I was very nervous but also very excited.
First I had to break 3 wooden boards on top of each other in halfs.
I was just eight years old at that time.
My dad,mom,and other parents were there to see their child get their
orange belt
The belt was tangible.

I am ten years old.
My name is Joshua Wells.
It is fun to fish.
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