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Tolstedt's 3rd hour Who Can Replace Man?

Group Members: Tristan VanLaningham Wheeler Walz Ashley Holcomb Garrett Ulmer

Tristan VanLaningham

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Tolstedt's 3rd hour Who Can Replace Man?

Conflict Internal In the very distant future there a
very few men left on Earth. Machines do all the work, and only report to men for orders. Then one day the message comes in that all men are dead. A bunch of country machines head to the city to take it over. But, then they get the message that there are very powerful machines that are fighting for control. Eventually, the decide to go to the Badlands. Along the way they lose a few companions, when they finally get to the place that they were going to suddenly they come across one of the very last... Man vs. Man (or Machine vs. Machine) The machines argue
about what to do, and where to go, and who should do what, and Machines in the city fight for control. Man vs. Nature, men slowly died off. Characters Field Minder-has a class three brain and
is one
of the leaders- static External Radio Operator-has a class 2 brain and
is the boss of the pilgramage-static None because they
are machines and they
only think in logic, not
with emotion. Man- hes alive and hungry and skinny-static Who Can Replace a Man? Brian Aldiss Plot Theme Setting location: Earth, mainly in badlands

Time: sometime in the future

Weather Conditions: unknown

Social Conditions: War taking place between class 1 brain robot and the class 2 brain robots in the city

Mood/Atmoshpere: Hopeful / optomistic Setting is the time an place in which the story takes place. The theme of "Who Can Replace a Man" is that no
one can replace people. At the very beginning the
Machines believe they are better than humans
because they think only in logic and the men let
emotion change their thinking. Eventually they run
into problems and lose a few comrades. Soon after
they reach their destination they run into the last
man and jump at the oppurtunity to serve him,
that even though the machines had the chance
to kill him and take control, they still remained true
to what they were programmed for: Serving mankind. Climax when the machines
found the old man Falling action when the man tells
the machines to go
and get him
something to eat. Resolution When the machines
decide to go and get
him something to eat. Point of view THIRD PERSON OMNISCENT The narrarator is able to change from character to character, event to event, having free access to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of each character The view the story is told from Rising Action When the robots travel to the badlands Exposition when the field minder (a robot) comes
back and no one is
working when the seed dispersing robot comes
back and no one is
working the theme is the whole idea or lesson of the story conflict is the main problem in a story Plot is the sequence of events in the order in which they happen the Characters are the things that happen in the story
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