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Beatles Gear

No description

Timothy Hager

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Beatles Gear

George Ringo Paul John Tim Hager Dylan England Jessica Weigand Tara Rook John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr “he is a likeable, good-looking fella. All he wanted to do is play the drums ..and that’s all. He kept time and didn’t want to play solos. “ •20 inch bass drum
•12x8 rack tom
•16x16 floor tom
•Shallow 14x4 premier wood
shelled snare drum
•Special non-standard Rogers swiv-o-matic
tom-tom holder to mount tom on bass drum $2,200
[in today's money] •purchased set from drum city in England who’s main drum line was Trixon but they were trying to make Ludwig big.
•Ludwig became most desired drums in the world in 60’s “The band isn’t called ‘Ludwig’ if the Ludwig name’s on it I want the Beatle on there and bigger.”
-Brian Epstein Hofner Selmer's "Swing Ticket" Rickenbacker Epiphone Casino Any Questions? Egmond
First Guitar “I got what they call a cello style, f-hole, single cutaway called a Hofner President, which is like the German version of a Gibson. I got a pickup and stuck it on.” – George Harrison Hofner President Gretsch Duo Jet 1961 Rickenbacker 360 - 12 String "A Hard Day's Night" "Eight Day's a Week" "You Can't Do That" AMPS Gallotone Champion "Guaranteed not to split" Rickenbacker 325 "Hamburg" 1964: 6 String Model "oh, that's the one."
-Ringo Starr
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