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How to basically beat Minecraft but, look at all the other amazing crafting recipies here : http://www.minecraft-crafting.net/

Ethan Lovell

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

Bringing home the bacon! Minecraft How to Basically Beat Minecraft THIS IS..... Your first step into
completing this complex game is
to find wood, and
chop it with your hand. After you get about 30 logs, you start building a crafting table. The interface is where
you craft dozens of items to help you and get things done faster on your journey. -In the interface-
You craft many tools, resources and useful weapons. Ores There are a variety of ores that you can
encounter while mining into the great unknown... As you dig deeper and
deeper, more cave systems and higher valuable ores can be found. Your goal is to find diamond. Minecraft is a sandbox game where you
start in an open world and you complete
a set of goals to eventually kill the boss of
the game. Then, right click on it
to open the crafting
interface. Iron Diamonds Coal Gold Emerald Redstone Lapis Lazuli Ores eventually have to be converted into ingots to be used
in helpful situations When your done making a diamond pickaxe, your next goal is to mine out "Obsidian" (Keep in mind that Obsidian can be made by pouring water on lava, or sometimes it spawns naturally, and it's always underground (Most likely in a cave system.)) Mining 10 - 14 Obsidian
will allow you to build a
Nether Portal After lighting the Nether Portal with
Flint and Steel, you enter the Nether... In the Nether you
will eventually
find a Nether
Castle that has
a very specific
portal to go
through inside. The "End" Portal There is a mob (Enemies)
called an Enderman,
you need to collect "Ender
Pearls". Once you collect some, kill blazes and get there "Blaze Powder", combine the two and you have the "Eyes of Ender", plug those into an end portal and the portal opens.... THE END PORTAL End portals can also be found
in normal world "Strongholds", which are basically man-made structures that are underground. In the End there is an Ender Dragon, which you must defeat in order to win the game. While being surrounded by Enderman... After defeating the Ender Dragon,
the game credits start to roll in and
YOU WIN! But...... Your time doesn't end there! People have adapted Minecraft from a survival game to a game where beautiful things are created, so I have one more question for you........... "What will you create?" P.S Crafting interface recipes all at
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