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Own lesson about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

By Widad and Narin

Hizzie Adem

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Own lesson about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Paris Saint-Germain Sweden VS England 4-2 Wordlist Raised
Fend for yourself
Eventually Zlatan
Ibrahimovic Sketches ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan 3rd of October 1981 Malmö The gravel road at Cronmans (NOW) Zlatan in Malmö FF from 1994 Roland
Andersson Zlatan Ibrahimovic
taekwondo- black belt The Swedish national team Several
End up
National team
Among others
League Serie 2004- Juventus 2001- Ajax 2006- Inter 2009- FC Barcelona 2010- AC Milan Ronaldinho Alexandre Pato Filippo Inzaghi Wednesday July 18th 2012 Zlatan Zlatan Ibrahimovic -31 years old
-195 cm tall
-100 kg Maximilian Vincent Sanela Ibrahimovic Jurka Gravic Sefik Ibrahimovic League Series with Inter Zlatan 2009-
won scorer in Serie A- 25 goals GULDBOLLEN Thanks for the attention!!!! Helena Seger
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