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Peyton Conner

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Everything excretes something. Humans and animals excrete feces and urine to get trash out of the body. Even plants excrete oxygen.
Every living thing reproduces. Viruses multiply. We have sexual reproduction while other living things have asexual reproduction using mitosis.
by Eli, Peyton, Samantha, and Dori
What is Life?
Mrs. Nerg: A true Definition of Life
All living things move. This is even shown in plants with Heliotropism.
Animals breathe Oxygen, and breathe out Carbon Dioxide. Plants breathe Carbon Dioxide and expel Oxygen.

Life according to science is certain characteristics that distinguish nonliving things from living things. This will be stated next.
All living things need nutrition. Every living thing must have a form of food and water, rather it be through eating, or in a plant's case, photosynthesis.
Every living thing is sensitive to its environment. For example, when a company dumps trash or builds a new building, it hurts or benefits an organism living or growing there. Everything must adapt.
Every living thing grows. Even
one-celled organisms grow a little bit.
Life according to an old lady named Mrs. Nerg.
The plant is alive because it follows the rules.
The bottle is not
alive because it
doesn't follow the rules.
The goldfish is
alive because it follows the rules.
The Question You've All Been Wondering About!
What is Life?
What about a bottle, goldfish, or plant?
Life is the characteristics that distinguish
living things from nonliving things. These characteristics are Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction, and Growth.
Viruses aren't alive because they don't actually eat or get nutrients. They feed off their host.
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