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Farah's Quest

Pre-AP English Assignment for "The Other Side of The Sky".

Lindsey R.

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Farah's Quest

The Heroic Journey of Farah Amedi Reaching the Other Side of The Sky The Call to School The Return to a New Life in America Farah's call towards adventure begins with her love and willingness to attend school. Young Amedi had been anticipating her chance to learn and nourish her knowledge; just waiting to take her first steps into the unknown. As her studies continue, she enjoys the bright colors and stories of adventure taught by the teacher, curiously wondering what is on "the other side of the sky".
As Farah takes her first steps towards the schoolhouse, she also takes her first steps into a new environment, one away from the familiar save haven of the family compound and into the world of knowledge. Through a medical partnership program, Farah is flown off to Germany where she is to receive proper treatment for her injuries. Although beginning her journey with tears, Farah begins to stop missing her family and learn German customs. Soon though, Farah becomes accustomed to the minimalist walls of the hospital, the German language and general cleanliness of Germany, with the out growth of her clothes symbolizing her separation from the life she once led.

Farah's childhood has become a distant memory; she now dreams of possibly opportunities from living in the modern world of Germany. Her thoughts have grown into those of a mature, independent and knowledgeable girl, greatly differing from a proper Afghan child. The Descent into the Loss of Culture For Farah and her mother, living in Pakistan does not work out as much as they had hoped; no one has room for them and they both end up in an Afghan refugee camp. But with her mother's health deteriorating and constant trips to the hospital, Farah decides they need a place in the city along with a way of getting food. But instead of only a job for Farah, she is turned into a slave in order to giver her mother the necessities to survive; Farah gives herself over completely to support her mother. In order to keep up their poor living conditions though, she must daily face petty remarks and a harsh environment, giving up her voice to stand up for herself. With her greatest fear of having nowhere to sleep and no food to eat, Farah keeps her mouth shut and does as she is told. Into The Abyss of Pakistan After fully giving herself and her life in order to protect her mother, Farah reaches her epiphany in faith to her God, Allah. The Transformation into a Faithful Farah When Farah and her mother arrive in America, all of the movement and strange food overwhelm their senses to the point of breakdown. Yet, even after fully settling down, Farah still faces the daily battles of learning a new language, keeping up with her classmates and trying to make friends. It is only after meeting a woman named Alyce that emotions calm down and transition into an American way of life begins.
Through her book "The Other Side of The Sky", Farah shares her knowledge and experience with those who are willing to listen. The Threshold into Maturity Farah's Difficult Tests and Ordeals The Atonement of Farah Amedi Part 1: The Separation P

n Part 3: Late for school, young Farah experiences an odd morning one day as she hurries off in a rush for another day of learning. Disobeying family rules, she dashes into the tall grass in pursuit of a short cut, but instead, mistakenly steps on a forgotten land mine from the war, severely damaging one leg with the other almost completely blown off.
Through this action Farah's innocent perspective is blown to bits along with her legs. The surrounding war has now been placed directly in front of her face with Farah experiencing the horrible conditions of the Afghan hospital and the pain of her injury. Having her physical limits severely cut, Farah is no longer sheltered from the unknown, outside world. 1. Returning to Afghanistan - with a new prosthetic leg, Farah returns to her home country and loving family. But after being accustomed to Germany, Farah does not like the bright colored walls and dirtiness of Afghanistan and has forgotten her old language of Farsi. Along with language, Farah must learn to walk with her new leg through a new war with the Taliban. 2. Loosing her Family - after finally accepting herself and acknowledging her want to rejoin the Afghan culture, Farah's father wishes to make her dresses. But after coming back from the market, Farah, along with her mother and brothers, find their house has been bombed, leaving Farah's father and sisters dead. Although their nearby neighbors help their family carry on with life, Farah is left to ponder what she must do to cope with death of her family. 3. The Trip to Pakistan - with the take over of Taliban government, Farah and her mother are left with no choice but to flee for the Pakistani border. After being dropped off with the help of a man, Farah must not only endure her physical struggles, but also her mother's strong asthma. Upon arriving, the gate to Pakistan is closed off and neither of the women possess the strength of fighting the large crowds. Through these experiences Farah not only matures while helping take care of her mother but also grows in physical and personal strength. Farah learns to keep hope for better things to come and shows determination in reaching Pakistan. But, with these traits still Farah could not have continued on without the help of her loving family, kind neighbors and the gracious Ghulam Ali who help them arrive in Pakistan. After a hard day at work, Farah has lost hope in the belief that anyone is looking out for her and calls out to Allah for help. As she looks to the stars, Farah can feel the power of God all around her and her perspective to her situation takes a turn for the better, especially in her feelings towards her "master's" daughter. Allah places peacefulness inside Farah, to the point where her tormentor looses interest in trying to make Farah's life miserable.

Through her revelation towards Allah, Farah transforms her world into one of harmony, faith and content, giving her strength to keep moving forwards. Farah's Quest has always been to make a better life not only for herself but mostly for her mother's sake, and through her enlightenment in her spirituality, Allah directs Farah towards a new beginning. Following the path given to her by Allah, Farah applies for an American World Relief Program to take her and her mother to the United States. Once her mother's opposition is defeated by her daughters pleas, Farah makes sure they get to the interviews and answer every question correctly. Even after numerous troubles, including a cancellation of the program, the help from those around her and her faith in Allah bring her and her mother to be accepted into the program.
Every step taken by Farah in her life, from the bravery learned through the war, the independence and maturity from taking care of her ill mother, the revelation of hope from Allah and patience from slavery, had all been in preparation to cross into a new life. With these actions, Farah's greatest challenge is met; she must battle hard working conditions in order to keep her mother safe and with a roof over her head.
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