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human rights 506

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of human rights 506

Jan santana 5-506
human rights!
human rights 506
For Example
all people has freedom and they have the rights to do everything as long as they're following the law
People should know what they're doing and to be respectful from one of each other and be nice
A right is not what someone gives you; its what no one can take from you
Human Rights are important because if we didn't have human rights we wouldn't have freedom and peace
Jan Santana
Article 1
Article 1, right to equality:
You are born free and equal in rights to every other hu-
man being. You have the ability to think and to tell right
from wrong. You should treat others with friendship.

What does article 1 means to me
This means to me that everyone should have the right to do whatever you want as long as they are following to law. Also it means to me that everyone has to know what there doing. And to have human rights and has to teach people human rights. Also that means to me that people should know the law if they don’t they ill go to jail. Also it means to me that they have to do the right thing at the right time because it they right thing to do regardless of who’s watching.
Article 2
Article 4, Freedom from slavery:
Nobody has the right to treat you as a slave, and you
should not make anyone your slave.

What does article 4 mean to me
This article means to me that everyone should not tell them what to do if there your parent or teacher. Also that means to me that people should not make people your slave. If you make people your slave they will do something to you, like they are to probably tell their parents. Then they will call the person that want you to be his/her slave parents then you will get in trouble. So your parents will get mad and punish you. So don’t make anyone be your slave or they you will get in trouble by your parents and get punish.
Human Rights!
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