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No description

selin uysal

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of ARIZONA

The flag
Language in Arizona
The spoken Languages are spanish,german,irish and italian
The order from my Presentation
The Map
The Flag
The flag of Arizona is in the bottom blue and in the top striped red and yellow . and in the middle of the flag is a orange star .
Capital: Phoenix
inhabitants : 6.392.017
Currency : The US-Doller
Square Measure:295.254
The Map of Arizona
Arizona is located in the southwestern United State
The Horseshoe bend is Horseshoe shaped loop is know meander of the Colorado river located near the town . the loop is "king Bend" and Lies about 10 Km downstream from the glen canyon dam and the lake Powell in the Glan canyon National Recreation Area .
The Horseshoe Bend
I tell you about the state Arizona and there Famous People ,Sights and about the Capital ...... and much more!
Why i have choose this state
I chose this state because i heard already some about Arizona and then i found the state interesting !!!
The Lake havasu lake is a Reservoir at the border the us -states Arizona and California . The Lake is 72 km large and is have a area of 67 square meters The Colorado river is to do this Dammed by the Parker dam ,an arch gravity dam .
Lake Havasu
in arizona 312 days sunshine with 38 degrees but sometimes it rises to 48 degrees, the coldest so far measured teperature is at 0 degrees
Traditional food
Jambalaya is a Appellation for Long Grain Rice with meat or fish with seafood .
Would i spend my holiday there ???
Yes , I would went to Arizona in my Holidays because there is a very good Climate and i like Countryside and i would see the Horseshoe Bend .
Famous People
One of Famous people in Arizona is Babara Eden she is a actress
She is born at 23. August 1931
(Age 82 )
...And Emma Stone
She is a actress and she is born at 6.11.1988 (Age 25)
the flag
Traditional food
Famous people
Why i have chose this State ???
The Map
The Capital
Phoenix is the biggest state in Arizona
Arizonas Official State song !!!
The order from my
Why i have choose this state ?
The flag
The map
Traditional food
Famous people
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