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The Journey of a Red Blood Cell

No description

Madison Coulter

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The Journey of a Red Blood Cell

The Voyage of a Red Blood Cell
By: Madison Coulter

Systemic Circulation
My First Destination
I am now in the right side of the heart where I start my cycle. I have to move through capillaries (the smallest blood vessel) to take deoxygenated air to the alveolus in the lungs to become oxygenated air. This is called Pulmonary Circulation.
The End of My Cycle
After I have gone through the right side of the heart again, I have to go back to the lungs. This is so I can dump off my load of carbon dioxide and pick a new load of oxygen.
Now that I am an oxygen-rich cell, I will now go back the the left side of the heart. Once I get back to the heart, my brothers, sisters, and I will circulate all through your body. This is called Systemic Circulation.
Back to the Right Side
When I am circulating through your body, I am moving through capillaries, picking up access carbon dioxide and debris. Then I move on to your veins. These veins bring me back to the right side of your heart.
The Beginning
Hello! I am about to take you on my journey as a red blood cell. I work together with white blood cells and platelets to deliver oxygen and nutrients, dispose carbon dioxide, and fight off diseases. It all starts out in your bone marrow.
My pal plasma and I take up most of the space in arteries, capillaries, and veins (blood vessels). And I am the most abundant cell, for there is about 25 trillion of me in your body's 5 liters of blood. I also have a good bit of hemoglobin in me so I can bind to oxygen and circulate that oxygen all through your body.
I complete this cycle over and over again so that I can continue to constantly circulate oxygen through your body. Without me, you wouldn't be able to survive. But that's okay, because my fellow body parts and I love our job as keeping you functioning!

Have a great life!

Red Blood Cell
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