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Preserving Forests

No description

Mariah Parker

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Preserving Forests

Proposition Main Reason #2 Objection #2 Work Cited Objection #1 Main Reason #1 Preserving forests will slow the rate of animal extinction Preserving Forests Stopping deforestation would be devastating to the worlds economy Without cutting down trees, there will be no way to suffice the need for wood Mariah Parker Preserving forests will
benefit the environment Main Reason #3 Deforestation effects our health Forests of all kinds produce human necessities An estimated 25% of all our medicines come from plants growing in rainforests. (Peoples Trust) An estimated 80% of the worlds diet originated from forest plants. (Peoples Trust) Products such as resins, latex, bamboo, rattan, ingredients for cosmetics and many foods were originally found in forests. (focusonforests.org) Example #1 Example #2 Example #3 Example #1 Deforestation results in the destruction of animals natural habitats, which may result in them becoming extinct. (tigweb.org) Example #2 Deforestation effects the food chain, and decreases biodiversity. (environment.blurtit.com) Example #3 Cutting down trees effects animals because it destroys their habitats. Every year deforestation displaces more and more animals who either live in the trees themselves, or whose habitat depends on the existence of trees.
(greenanswers.com) Example #1 Deforestation takes away our sources of medicine and vegetation. This means there is a less chance of new discoveries in the fields of medicine to be discovered. (greenanswers.com) Example #2 Humans in deforested societies are more acceptable to diseases. (sciencedaily.com) Example #3 2.5 billion people depend on agriculture for their agriculture for their livelihood. The soil would eventually become full of dangerous chemicals and population due to deforestation. (Food and Agriculture Organization) Refute: There has been issues over how there could possibly be an alternative to wood without killing an excess amount of trees, but the solution isn't creating the wood, its reusing what we already have. Companies have found a way to recycle wood and use composite wood to reduce deforestation, and at the same time suffice the need for wood. Refute: It's understandable to be concerned about the economy with the withdrawal of logging, but in the end Stopping deforestation will not hurt the economy at all. Companies have already found alternatives to deforestation that will earn them profit and be less damaging to the economy. There is nothing devastating about ending deforestation. - Deforestation. N.d. Photograph. World Wildlife. Web.
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