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Coral Bleaching

No description

Ryan Ginter

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Coral Bleaching

Coral Bleaching Coral Reefs take up only 0.2% of the ocean floor Coral reefs only take up 0.2% of the ocean floor
But they make up 25% of all marine life Coral Bleaching The coral reefs of the world are beggining to die off in a process called coral bleaching. If the coral dies then all of the animals living in the coral will die as well. This would result in the loss of thousands of species. When coral is bleached it loses the small organisums that make food from sunlight When the coral loses the small organism it slowly begins to die off. Coral bleaching is a result of a change in the coral's climate The change in climate is a result
of global warming and reckless fishing. When people fish in coral reefs they either use
poison or explosives. Both of these kill of the
coral, which ends up killing all of the species
living in the coral. The coral die as a result of the change in climate
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