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Liberal Party

No description

Jenny Tran

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Liberal Party

Bill C-9: First Nations Elections
An Act respecting the election and term of office of chiefs and councillors of certain First Nations and provides chiefs and councillors to hold office for four years;

Bill C-265: Canada Post-Secondary Education Act
An Act to establish criteria and conditions in respect of funding for post-secondary education programs in order to ensure the quality, accessibility, public administration and accountability of those programs


What We Stand For?
Rights and freedom

What We Fight For?
Growing our economy
A clean environment
Affordable education
Public health care
Fact: Most immigrants are unemployed.

Purpose: We purpose volunteer institution which will be an advance to community center program where immigrants learn English language.
Crimes and Punishments
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Party Song
Vote For Us!
Together we will make a difference!

John Lennon-Imagine
Together we will make a difference
Fact: Over the past 10 years, education funding increased 19% while provincial system funding increased 45%

Proposal: This will cause the economy to descend by not having enough people to enter university/college which leads to the unemployment rate to be high. The education prices should be distributed equally for each individual. It should not be based on where they come from or what kind of school they join.


Ministry of Education

Ministry of Health Care

Ministry of Crimes and Punishment

Ministry of Environment

Candidate & Ministry of Immgration
Our Canadiate Profile
Fact: Arond 200,000 deaths in Canada in 2013.

Proposal: Putting $650 million over 5 years to address security priorities.We promise for more Canadian forces for the protection for the community.
Fact: In 2010, the crimes that have been committed was over 2,000,000 people.

Proposal: We will establish social programs to eliminate poverty and deprivation, which will then crime rates will decrease.
Fact: "In August, Mitchell Dedes pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, robbery, and kidnapping. He received 25 to 50 years in prison."

Proposal: We will make sure sentencing a convicted criminal is the welfare of the individual on trial and their rehabilitation.
Canadiate: Rushba Noorani
Born: February 17, 1957
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario
Education: Studied at Yale University and received a degree in law and engineering

Language: English, French
Political Party: Liberal Party
Health Care
Fact: Obesity rates have increased tremendously among our
Canadian youth.

Fact: About 10% of the Canadian population cannot afford to buy their prescription drugs

Fact: “The report from the advocacy group People for Education, released on Thursday, found that literacy and numeracy test results for aboriginal students in the public school system are more than 20 percentage points below the provincial average.”

Proposal: If we are elected we will lower the result by 5%, which changes the provincial average to 70%, that will benefit them.
Fact: “There is nevertheless a popular perception that the quality of education has been eroded, that many students graduating from high school are not adequately prepared in fundamental aspects of learning, and that many university graduates may not be well enough equipped to compete internationally.”

Proposal: Schools aren't teaching the most important events you will go through life such as paying bills, keeping a job or how to experience different kind of careers. Instead they teach children how to solve problems in mathematics which most likely will be forgotten or not useful. It is clearly not working because students still seem unprepared for the real life after graduating from high school.
Fact: "Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have undone 50 years of environmental protection in Canada. They have muzzled government scientists, bullied environmental groups, and hijacked international progress in the fight against climate change."

Comment: We will make sure this will not happen by improving the environment by increase the funding by $4 billion over 10 years to clean contaminted sites with addition funding to clean up non-federal sites
Fact: Greenhouse gas emissions from road transportation have grown 35 per cent since 1990 and show no sign of declining.

Comment: We will change the climate by committing Canada to a 25-40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (relative to1990 levels) by 2020, and an 80% reduction by 2050.
Fact:Scientists confirm that human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, is altering the atmosphere, changing Earth’s climate, and damaging the environment.

Comment: We will change this by providing financial support for energy efficiency and conservation measures and generating clean energy.
Proposal: we will give the people who cannot
afford to buy the drugs they need, for free
Fact 3: Many Canadians are having to wait for a long time to get the treatment they need
Proposal: To reduce the waiting times we
promise to build more hospitals in order to give patients the treatment they need when they need it
Fact: Most people from different countries come as doctors, engineer etc. when they migrate, they have to work as cab drivers or a lower pay job.

Purpose: Instead of a 1-2 years of course, we will work on giving an international level test which could define that if they are capable to work in that profession in Canada.
Fact: Immigration to Canada be a long and complicated process. Most immigrants have to wait more than 5 years (which is a required time) in order to get Canadian citizenship.

Purpose: We purpose to make the immigration process fast by hiring more qualified people for the immigration office.
Proposal: We will do the best we can to promote healthy eating and suggest schools to educate students more about the issues they may have to face because of obesity.

Day Of Fun!
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