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Lord of the Flies as a Political Allegory

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Haoda The Great

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies as a Political Allegory

Two major political themes are introduced by Jack: Anarchy then Dictatorship.
Jack Merridew
Democracy in "Lord of the Flies"
Lord of the Flies as an allegory of the Cold War
How Lord of the Flies is a Political Allegory
- Ralph's civilization represents democracy
- elected as leader
- equal voice/responsibility
- everyone to improve society
-generally peaceful
Jack leads in the book
Stalin leads in real life
Roger is the feared and merciless police that keeps the kids in line

Stalin's secret police keeps order with fear and brutality
"The Eastern Bloc"
Ralph leads in the book
America dominates NATO in real life
Ralph lets people express ideas and have opinions in the book

NATO members have a say in Real Life
The armed conflict
that could have
happened in real life
Is represented by
Ralph and Jack's
The resulting nuclear attacks

Are represented by the fire that Jack set off in the last chapter
- Jack promises prosperity with the captures and deaths of the 'beast'

- Ruling over the other in his group with fear

- Simon's death, and the aftermath

- Bullying and discriminating against others, and using them as pawns
- Jack's tribe represents communism/dictatorship
- The resulting conflict represents the cold war
Lord of the Flies - Political Allegory
Thinking questions for the audience!
Do you think the abillity to sing in C# makes you a better leader? Explain.
How might the story turn out if Jack was chosen as leader first?
Which type of administration do you think is/would be more effective in the book?
A really cool presentation.

Y'all better be payin attention

What would have happened if another person, like Roger or Simon became Chief? Would they be Democratic? Dictatorship? Or any other?
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