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We love our library

Assignment for week 3 EDU367

christina earl

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of We love our library

Our library is user centered, that means it’s here for us and our needs.
Why We Love Our Library
Our library isn’t just a book room anymore. It’s the heart of our school, a place for instruction, research and learning as well as a place to use innovative technologies and information resources, but most importantly it’s fun!.
We are becoming lifelong learners!
Our library has a display for new books.
Our Librarian Collaborates
(works with) Our teachers to make the best learning environment for us.
we use computers for
looking up information, processing and presenting it.
Our librarian taught us how to make presentations just like this one!
We know how to use our OPAC- we call it Destiny Quest. If we can’t find what we are looking for, our librarian will help us. And if our library doesn’t have the book we want, she can get if from another library (that’s called ILL).
We know how to use the check-out desk.
The Librarian taught us how to use Destiny Quest to find a book.
There are displays for subjects and themes
These are the reasons we know our librarian loves us and wants us to succeed!

By: Christina Earl
EDU 495 week 4 assignment

Instructor: Judy Donovan

February 9, 2014

We want to really know about award winners, the little kids all get the buckaroo books read to them,
and the big kids get to have breakfast book clubs on the Indian Paintbrush books.
Our library has all the Interactive read-aloud handbooks, and the librarian and teachers collaborate on these activities as well as any Other projects teacher are working on. The teachers know they can come to the library for help on lessons.
Our librarian shows us when she finds new social media tools she thinks we will like.
We even have our own Facebook page!
She makes pinterest pages for us and uses them to show us interesting books.
We look at book trailers for new books, and sometimes we make some too!
We use it for book reviews and to find list of suggested reading.
We love our library. The changes that have been made, the new technologies we get to use, the fun ways our librarian promotes new materials, how well our teachers work with our librarian to bring us information and we just really love that our library is for US!!!
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