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Invisible People

No description

David Gaither

on 1 November 2010

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Transcript of Invisible People

In the beginning, it may not seem like a big deal. It's certainly more quiet. There are no crowds to contend with. But, after a while, we start to notice some changes. Grass is overgrown. There are no children playing. With no one to care for them, buildings start to break down. Cracks start to show. Eventually, buildings crumble. There are 166,311 people living below the poverty line in the St. Louis area. (us census 2008) Rarely are they visible to the rest of us. Popular media rarely covers the working class and poor. Unless the story involves crime. We don't see them. We don't hear them. And eventually they disappear altogether But what happens to them effects us all. And their stories have lessons to teach us. If we don't learn from each other, care for each other, and truly see each other, Then who will? Will those stories remain invisible forever? The Everyday Invisible project will make them visible again Using written word, photos, and video we will be able to see, hear, feel, and understand the lives of everyday people. People who struggle to overcome obstacles, who laugh and cry, Who need love, hope, and the opportunity to succeed, people who want a better life for their children. People who are invisible everyday, whose stories have so much to teach us about living life. What happens when we have a St. Louis without people? Vote for Everyday Invisible @ www.refresheverything.com/everydayinvisible and let's make the invisible, visible. In telling their stories we start to bring people back to St. Louis, and life back to empty places.
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