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October Crisis

group project on the october crisis with Sam and Mitchell

Deepak Artly

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of October Crisis

October Crisis The Beginning On October 5 1970, four men kidnapped the British trade commissioner James Cross
Kidnappers were from the Front de Libration du Quebec(FLQ) What is the
October Crisis? a series of events
began with the kidnappings of two government officials The FLQ Also known as the Front de Liberation du Quebec
Wanted Quebec to be its own country
Responsible for more than 200 bombings in Quebec
Wanted 23 prisoners to be released, and threatened Cross's Life The Second Offense Kidnapped Pierre Laporte 5 days later
The news sent panic through the public The Governments Response Federal government sent the army to protect big names
Invoked the War Measures Act The War Measures Act 405 arrests were made the first morning
October 17, 1970 the body of Pierre Laporte was found The Raid November 6, police raided the hiding place of the Laporte kidnappers
3 members escaped
They were captured later in December
James Cross was released after 2 months James Richard Cross Pierre Laporte Pierre Trudeau Robert Bourassa Further Investigation The FLQ was an informal group
They dreamed of a separate Quebec Books & Movies The October Crisis of 1970 (Movie)
Octobre (Movie)
The October Crisis, 1970 an insider's view(Book) Timeline October 5th 1970
James Richard Cross is kidnapped October 10th 1970
The FLQ kidnap Quebec Minister
Pierre Laporte October 15th 1970
Army was sent to protect October 16th 1970
War Measures act invoked by
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau October 17th 1970
Body of Pierre Laporte found in the trunk
of a car November 6th 1970
Police raid hideout of Kidnappers December 3rd 1970
James Cross is released December 28th 1970
Kidnappers were sentenced to jail time after being
charged with kidnapping and murder Bibliography http://www.cbc.ca/history/EPISCONTENTSE1EP16CH1PA4LE.html
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